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    Good Service at B&N

           I have read various stories of bad service at B&N stores when dealing with NOOK problems so I feel compelled to relate my positive experience.

           My new N2E, bought as a b-day gift, was having problems with the battery. My NOOK lost 10% of power overnight with no use and no wifi after the second power up. I brought it into my local store with the receipt and was issued a new replacement in the box. They also made sure my extended warranty, purchased after the NOOK was bought from the store, was transferred to the new device since the problem was a factory malfunction. The staff was polite and worked hard to make sure I was satisfied.

           Sometimes community boards reflect only negative experiences. I have to give my local B&N store a thumbs up and a thank you.

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          Weird.. Mine I was weary of the same problem.. After the first charge if went down to 93% after only 2 1/2 hours.. I recharged it, and have been monitoring it.. But it is now 4 full days, and at about 95%. Half that time with wifi on, half off..  Being my first Nook it took me a while to figure out that when people were talking about  wifi off, it was not THE wifi for the entire house, but there was a way to turn it off on the device..



          Ok.. I'm a newbie.. Give me a break.. :smileyembarrassed: