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    Nook Tablet won't stay connected to my wi-fi

      I purchased a tablet yesterday, and I haven't been able to get it to stay connected to my wi-fi.  I have a Netgear wireless N router, and have never had problems connecting devices to it.  My laptop/360/android phone all connect without problems. 


      I was finally able to get through the registration process after reconnecting 3 or 4 times, but I've never been able to access any internet, app stores, etc.  If I unlearn and reconnect it will say "connected to the internet" but only for a short time.  When it checks the connection it will switch to "connected with no internet".  I called tech support and they were pretty useless.  All they wanted me to do was reset the nook, router, etc...then she said to take it to the store and exchange it.


      Has anyone else had this problem?  If I won't be able to use the internet at home I'm going to have to return it.



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          I personally would try to return it. If everything else seems to stay connected OK, then I would suspect the Nook. I haven't gotten my tablet yet, but my Color doesn't have the range of my laptop. If you're a good ways from the router, then the only other thing you could check would be the output power of the router. Most of them default to 10 or maximum unless they're manually changed.

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            Thanks, I'm hoping to run over to a store today to see if it will connect there.  I live in a small apartment, so I'm really only about 10 ft away from the router max when I'm sitting on the couch.  I'm hoping it's a defective unit, because I'll be bummed if I have to get rid of it!

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              Well I took it in to a store today over lunch, and the lady that looked at it said it was having issues there as well, even though you could browse the net on it.  I didn't have my receipt so I took it back and exchanged it tonight.  I played with the new one a while at the store with no issues, and now that I'm home it won't do anything....


              I have a wnr2000 Netgear Router.  Nothing else has ever had issues using the wi-fi.  Any suggestions??

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                When you say it won't do anything, do you mean it doesn't even see the router or it won't connect.

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                  I've had a similar problem with my Nook.


                  When I use my Nook Tablet at work, where we use AeroHive APs, I can connect and see a very strong signal. The first web page I load loads very quickly, but afterwards nothing loads at all. No web pages, no data from apps. Turning wifi off and on again repeats the process. Seems like the first connection or two works then nothing after. When it stops working, it'll fail the "testing" part on the wifi status screen, even though it passed it when first connecting.


                  I tried power cycling and even doing a factory reset, with no improvement.


                  At home I have two wifi networks, one on a Linksys WRT160N and another on an Apple Airport Extreme AP. When connected to the WRT160N I have similar connection problems, but it seems to last a little longer before getting stuck. When connected to the Airport Extreme, things mostly work fine. Pages load, though sometimes it can seem a bit slow.


                  I did some testing. I assigned a static IP to the Nook, and then 'ping'd it from another machine on the network. When it was connected to the WRT160N, the pings had extreme variation in latency, and many were lost. Once the connection broke, no more pings came back. On the Airport Extreme, the pings were received pretty reliably (98%+), but the latency was a little irregular -- varying between 5ms and 80ms. Also works OK on my Verizon 4G hotspot.


                  I also have a Kindle Fire I've been trying, and it works on both of my home APs and the work APs. On all of them, it's consistently pingable and with a consistent latency (~5ms). My phone and laptop of course also connect to all of these networks without issue. Some of my coworkers use iPads and HTC Flyers as well.


                  I spoke to the tech support but they didn't have much beyond the power cycle bit. I'm going to try exchanging tomorrow and see if it makes any difference. I've been enjoying the Nook Tablet a lot, but if I can't use it at work, it's gotta go!


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                    I purchased my device this evening and came home to find out that I am having the same problem with my connectivity.  I also have an NST which connects very rapidly and efficiently.  However, the NT is a different story.  I also have a Kindle Touch which has not had any troubles connecting with my modem, 2wire from AT&T.  Shall I return my device in order to get a new one?


                    Thanks for your advise.



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                      My Nook Tablet won't reconnect to my wifi after it has shut down and I turn it back on.  I am told to reboot my router. It connects again if I do that and input the security code again.   I talked to BN support a week ago and they said they would  have "upper level" call me within 7 days.  No call.  I called back today and they said it is an ISP problem because the NOOK says " you have encountered a DHCP issue..."   I talked to Centurytel and they checked everything and said it is fine.  I have an older Nook, 2 Droid Charge phones, 3 computers and a couple printers...all connect with no problem.  So the Nook Tablet gets returned today.  I am not technically savvy and I need/expect my equipment to operate.  Being in the middle between ISP and B&N is a no win situation.  Too bad 'cause I liked the Tablet features.

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                        Finally! I put in my guest password and I haven't had any problems connecting. The Nook tablet is a keeper! My preschoolers enjoyed using it today at school. I have enjoyed using it too. If you have problems it could be something as simple as my problem to fixing it. Good luck!

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                          Since you returned your Nook I will respond to anyone else with this same issue of the Nook disconnection to the router issue after turning the Nook off and then back on (Sleep Mode).


                          For some unknown reason, the Nook cannot 'see' the existing connection.  The solution?  Start up the Nook and then go to your wireless settings and turn OFF (On to Off) the wireless connection.  Then turn it back ON and it will connect up instantly.  It is a solution and there may be others but this is how I have to do it practically everytime!  An inconveniece for sure but pretty minor and that's about the extent of it! :manindifferent:

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                            I have no idea what's wrong with my Nook Tablet, but it's starting to make me want to cry. It's SO much slower than my Nook Color. It's just not connecting to the wireless right. Either it the internet is slow or it's telling me it has little or no connectivity.


                            I've restarted it. Made it forget the connection and added it again, restarted it again. All the while my Nook Color is MOCKING me for abandoning it for this slow beast.

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                              I totally and completely feel your pain. I spent 2 days trying to get mine to connect. Talked to tech support who told me to return it to the store because it was defective. Store said it was fine because it worked there. Store clerks told me it was my firewall. Nope. Knew that wasn't right. Read lots of forums. Finally.....


                              If you log into your router, look at the speed. It has to be the "up to 54" choice NOT the "154" or "300". We had to dumb down the router for our wireless for it to work. Changed that and I've not had any problems. We just have to put up with slower stuff for our laptops.


                              Not very happy about the solution, but at least we figured it out. There is another post on this forum somewhere that was very helpful, I searched for "nook tablet netgear" and found it. The person listed all of the router settings (although I'm not sure the speed was one of them). I got to the router settings by going to routerlogin.com on my comptuer (the "universal" login is admin/password). This is where you can see your settings.


                              I'm not very technical, so likely can't answer any questions, but wanted to share what worked for us.



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                                is your n router more than 2.4 ghz? that might be the problem. the nook is not compatible with 802.11 b/g/n routers (no more than 2.4ghz)





                                have you tried deregistering it and registering it again.. that could help ask well.

                                go to your settings tab>device info> and click on erase and deregister. all your files/photos/etc could be delete it once u deregister but you just go it right? so that shouldn't b a problem..once you deregister the device:

                                the tablet will restart on it's own and then it will ask you if you want to register it.. go ahead and re register

                                make sure you're connected to a hotspot when you do so. i hope this helps :heart:

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                                  I am so disapointed with this NOOK Tablet, it won't alow me to forget my wifi in my home, so I can redo it... I am going to retun it and just get a small lap-top, which I know will connect.... $300 is a lot of money to spend on something that has all these issues conecting to Wi-Fi! I should not have to call B&N, or my internet provider to get this set up. I passed up purchaseing a Kindle Fire because of bad reviews, I still should have bought it instead. Several of my friends have them and have been using them the first day!

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                                    Hi All,


                                    Not sure if anyone had posted an item like this. Most likely everyone is experiencing "Interference" of some type. 2.4Ghz Phones, Bluetooth devices or whatever that is working on the same freq as wifi. Adjusting the speed on your router (source) will slow all devices and yes this will compensate for interefence because the devices can retransmit any lost packets without end users seeing any speed degredation. Turn off your Bluetooth devices and see if that helps you keep a more solid connection. Some routers are running Third Party software to compensate for Interference (DD-WRT) like what I have.


                                    See this





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