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    Nook Tablet won't stay connected to my wi-fi

      I purchased a tablet yesterday, and I haven't been able to get it to stay connected to my wi-fi.  I have a Netgear wireless N router, and have never had problems connecting devices to it.  My laptop/360/android phone all connect without problems. 


      I was finally able to get through the registration process after reconnecting 3 or 4 times, but I've never been able to access any internet, app stores, etc.  If I unlearn and reconnect it will say "connected to the internet" but only for a short time.  When it checks the connection it will switch to "connected with no internet".  I called tech support and they were pretty useless.  All they wanted me to do was reset the nook, router, etc...then she said to take it to the store and exchange it.


      Has anyone else had this problem?  If I won't be able to use the internet at home I'm going to have to return it.



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          I personally would try to return it. If everything else seems to stay connected OK, then I would suspect the Nook. I haven't gotten my tablet yet, but my Color doesn't have the range of my laptop. If you're a good ways from the router, then the only other thing you could check would be the output power of the router. Most of them default to 10 or maximum unless they're manually changed.

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            I've had a similar problem with my Nook.


            When I use my Nook Tablet at work, where we use AeroHive APs, I can connect and see a very strong signal. The first web page I load loads very quickly, but afterwards nothing loads at all. No web pages, no data from apps. Turning wifi off and on again repeats the process. Seems like the first connection or two works then nothing after. When it stops working, it'll fail the "testing" part on the wifi status screen, even though it passed it when first connecting.


            I tried power cycling and even doing a factory reset, with no improvement.


            At home I have two wifi networks, one on a Linksys WRT160N and another on an Apple Airport Extreme AP. When connected to the WRT160N I have similar connection problems, but it seems to last a little longer before getting stuck. When connected to the Airport Extreme, things mostly work fine. Pages load, though sometimes it can seem a bit slow.


            I did some testing. I assigned a static IP to the Nook, and then 'ping'd it from another machine on the network. When it was connected to the WRT160N, the pings had extreme variation in latency, and many were lost. Once the connection broke, no more pings came back. On the Airport Extreme, the pings were received pretty reliably (98%+), but the latency was a little irregular -- varying between 5ms and 80ms. Also works OK on my Verizon 4G hotspot.


            I also have a Kindle Fire I've been trying, and it works on both of my home APs and the work APs. On all of them, it's consistently pingable and with a consistent latency (~5ms). My phone and laptop of course also connect to all of these networks without issue. Some of my coworkers use iPads and HTC Flyers as well.


            I spoke to the tech support but they didn't have much beyond the power cycle bit. I'm going to try exchanging tomorrow and see if it makes any difference. I've been enjoying the Nook Tablet a lot, but if I can't use it at work, it's gotta go!


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              I purchased my device this evening and came home to find out that I am having the same problem with my connectivity.  I also have an NST which connects very rapidly and efficiently.  However, the NT is a different story.  I also have a Kindle Touch which has not had any troubles connecting with my modem, 2wire from AT&T.  Shall I return my device in order to get a new one?


              Thanks for your advise.



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                My Nook Tablet won't reconnect to my wifi after it has shut down and I turn it back on.  I am told to reboot my router. It connects again if I do that and input the security code again.   I talked to BN support a week ago and they said they would  have "upper level" call me within 7 days.  No call.  I called back today and they said it is an ISP problem because the NOOK says " you have encountered a DHCP issue..."   I talked to Centurytel and they checked everything and said it is fine.  I have an older Nook, 2 Droid Charge phones, 3 computers and a couple printers...all connect with no problem.  So the Nook Tablet gets returned today.  I am not technically savvy and I need/expect my equipment to operate.  Being in the middle between ISP and B&N is a no win situation.  Too bad 'cause I liked the Tablet features.

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                    Finally! I put in my guest password and I haven't had any problems connecting. The Nook tablet is a keeper! My preschoolers enjoyed using it today at school. I have enjoyed using it too. If you have problems it could be something as simple as my problem to fixing it. Good luck!

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                      Since you returned your Nook I will respond to anyone else with this same issue of the Nook disconnection to the router issue after turning the Nook off and then back on (Sleep Mode).


                      For some unknown reason, the Nook cannot 'see' the existing connection.  The solution?  Start up the Nook and then go to your wireless settings and turn OFF (On to Off) the wireless connection.  Then turn it back ON and it will connect up instantly.  It is a solution and there may be others but this is how I have to do it practically everytime!  An inconveniece for sure but pretty minor and that's about the extent of it! :manindifferent:

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                          I have no idea what's wrong with my Nook Tablet, but it's starting to make me want to cry. It's SO much slower than my Nook Color. It's just not connecting to the wireless right. Either it the internet is slow or it's telling me it has little or no connectivity.


                          I've restarted it. Made it forget the connection and added it again, restarted it again. All the while my Nook Color is MOCKING me for abandoning it for this slow beast.

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                          you sound exactly like me.  did you get a newer nook

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                          I totally and completely feel your pain. I spent 2 days trying to get mine to connect. Talked to tech support who told me to return it to the store because it was defective. Store said it was fine because it worked there. Store clerks told me it was my firewall. Nope. Knew that wasn't right. Read lots of forums. Finally.....


                          If you log into your router, look at the speed. It has to be the "up to 54" choice NOT the "154" or "300". We had to dumb down the router for our wireless for it to work. Changed that and I've not had any problems. We just have to put up with slower stuff for our laptops.


                          Not very happy about the solution, but at least we figured it out. There is another post on this forum somewhere that was very helpful, I searched for "nook tablet netgear" and found it. The person listed all of the router settings (although I'm not sure the speed was one of them). I got to the router settings by going to routerlogin.com on my comptuer (the "universal" login is admin/password). This is where you can see your settings.


                          I'm not very technical, so likely can't answer any questions, but wanted to share what worked for us.



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                              I was having the same problem connecting my Nook Tablet with my wifi router.  I am using a Netgear WNR2000 router with firmware version V1.2.3.7NA.  My Nook is running the latest version 1.4.1.

                              The only change that I made was to set the Mode to 'Up to 54' instead of 'Up to 145'.  Once I changed this the Nook Tablet stayed connected to the Internet.  Some of the other settings that I am using are Channel: Auto and WPA2-PSK [AES].  As others have said, my other devices (laptop, desktop, iPad and iPhone)connected before, but only the Nook Tablet had a problem. I have not noticed any issues with normal web browsing but I don't do any steaming so I'm not sure it this would be impacted.

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                              is your n router more than 2.4 ghz? that might be the problem. the nook is not compatible with 802.11 b/g/n routers (no more than 2.4ghz)





                              have you tried deregistering it and registering it again.. that could help ask well.

                              go to your settings tab>device info> and click on erase and deregister. all your files/photos/etc could be delete it once u deregister but you just go it right? so that shouldn't b a problem..once you deregister the device:

                              the tablet will restart on it's own and then it will ask you if you want to register it.. go ahead and re register

                              make sure you're connected to a hotspot when you do so. i hope this helps :heart:

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                                I am so disapointed with this NOOK Tablet, it won't alow me to forget my wifi in my home, so I can redo it... I am going to retun it and just get a small lap-top, which I know will connect.... $300 is a lot of money to spend on something that has all these issues conecting to Wi-Fi! I should not have to call B&N, or my internet provider to get this set up. I passed up purchaseing a Kindle Fire because of bad reviews, I still should have bought it instead. Several of my friends have them and have been using them the first day!

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                                  Hi All,


                                  Not sure if anyone had posted an item like this. Most likely everyone is experiencing "Interference" of some type. 2.4Ghz Phones, Bluetooth devices or whatever that is working on the same freq as wifi. Adjusting the speed on your router (source) will slow all devices and yes this will compensate for interefence because the devices can retransmit any lost packets without end users seeing any speed degredation. Turn off your Bluetooth devices and see if that helps you keep a more solid connection. Some routers are running Third Party software to compensate for Interference (DD-WRT) like what I have.


                                  See this





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                                    We are having the same problem here at our univeristy.  I manage the wireless network (Aerohive) and our Nook users connect and go to a web page and then the Nook loses connectivty to the network.  I thought the first time this happened that the Nook was defective. Then it happened to another student.  Now one of our staff has one and the exact same thing is happening. If these units can only run on N 2.5 gig or less, then they are pretty much useless.  We are NOT going to change over 80 access points in order to accomodate a product that was obviously not designed properly or tested adequately.  We will be alerting our community to buy a different tablet.  What a shame.  (Our bookstore  sells this travesty....)

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                                        I posted in the wrong place about this, but the Nook just doesn't seem to support my network type.  It's a huge loss for them as it's a big university full of dumb rich kids (really).


                                        It connects and disconnects several times in short succession, and then I get a yellow caution sign in the corner saying to go on my router and tell it my MAC address, which I obviously can't do, and which the IT dept refuses to do for me.  I'm able to connect at home, and to the university's 'guest' network, but this isn't a solution because I had to sneak the password for someone and it changes frequently.


                                        the IT dept has a site that has the below info for how to set up on android.  Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get this to work on the Nook.  Someone suggested I manually enter the network, but that had the same exact problem.


                                        Any ideas for this one?


                                        Secured with 802.1x EAP
                                        • EAP Method: TTLS
                                        • Phase 2 authentication: PAP
                                        • CA Certificate: (leave as N/A)
                                        • Client Certificate: (leave as N/A)
                                        • Identity: <NetID>
                                        • Anonymous identity: (leave blank)
                                        •Wireless password: <NetID password>

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                                        I have a Netgear N and had trouble all morning. A little while ago I turned off my router, then turned off the modem and then turned the modem back on, then the routerback on and so far so good. If this lasts, hooray. If not I still have some holy water from Lourdes and will use that to get my psyche in order.
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                                          I just bought a Nook Tablet for my son and it will stay connected for about 5 min and then kick you off. I have a nook color and I have no problems what so ever I was just wondering if anyone has had this issue?

                                          It is just irratating when you look something up and you are just sitting there reading it and the page closes out and goes to your home screen.

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                                            Two things to consider, first, do a hard reset, hold the power button and n button at the same time till the option comes up. Do this when you are turning on the tablet. Second, don't visit certain porn sites. Something in those affect the tablet.
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                                                Great message info & responses. We live in a small house, my spouse's super-high tech laptop picks up our wifi signal all over & in our garden/yard. My NT has a weak/sporadic signal, which is frustrating, unless in the same room as the Linksys wifi (fairly new). Maybe NT will come out with a stronger sensor. And, if the battery is at ~50% or less, cannot get wifi home or via public access.
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                                                OK I have the Nook tablet 8gb running the latest tablet software ver 1.4.3.  I bought the tablet in late Febuary and it was working perfectly then.  Connected and held wi-fi signal with no issues.


                                                My DSL wireless router is an Actiontec Q1000 running the latest firmware on a 12mb DSL line from Qwest/Centurylink.  Around late April my NOOK started acting up where it will no longer obtain a connection to my router.  I can see no pattern as to why and the only thing that works is a reboot of my router.  Even that might not work for long.  Sometimes the NOOK will go for days connecting fine, sometimes it will drop connection every other day.  Very annoying.


                                                From searching around I can see that I'm not the only one having this problem.  I've tried all of the things mentioned here and other forums with no long term success.  I'm positive that it's a  problem with the NOOK and renewing the DHCP lease from my router and that it's a NOOK only problem.  All of my other devices ( 2 android phones, LG TV, two printers, blu-ray player, sat box, 2 computers, one laptop) all have no issues connecting.


                                                So my questions are


                                                Is anyone running their NOOK off an Actiontec Q1000 with success and if so what are your settings?

                                                Also, any ideas as to why would it be working fine for almost two months and then start acting up?


                                                This issue is a big PITA as now nobody here at home feels they can rely on the NOOK and have all but stopped using it.  I'd really like to get this fixed as right now I pretty much have a $199.00 paperweight.  If this had happened within the return period, it would have gone back, but now I'm way past that date.


                                                Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I really do like the NOOK (when it's working) but it's of no use without a wi-fi connection.


                                                Just like to add that I hoped the new software version 1.4.3 would address this issue but no such luck.




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                                                  It's fairly obvious to me from scouring all the forums that there are "serious" issues with the way the NOOK devices handle DHCP releases in that they "hold on" so to speak to whatever IP address they see when they connect to your router.  When it comes time for your router to release that IP address and renew the connection with a new IP address, or you power off the NOOK and turn it on again, the NOOK is still looking for the old IP address and just refuses to connect.  Also sometimes after being in sleep mode they also refuse to connect.  Rebooting your router fixes the issue until the next IP release and then the whole sorry process starts again.  They can work perfectly for some time and then out of the blue they act up with no explanation as to why.  When you call B&N tech support they will tell you that it's a problem with your ISP and suggest you call them, or do a device hard reset, and possibly even erase and re-register your device which will wipe everything off it and you have to reload all your stuff.


                                                  There are tons of different routers out there so really you can't expect B&N tech support to know about every one of them.  That being said, a quick google search on "NOOK tablet wi-fi issues" will bring up dozens (or more) forums where users are reporting problems with various types of routers of all makes, flaky connections, and NOOKS that previously connected fine and them boom, quit connecting!  Sound familiar?  This is NOT a new issue, it goes back to last year or earlier.


                                                  If you delve into the suggested fixes on the forums, they all basically tell you the same thing.  Disable this or that in your router, force your router to run slower, use an older protocol such as "G" only, or disabling your router security thereby leaving your network vulnerable to hacking.  IMO disabling security settings is NOT a viable option.   They are saying that you have to adjust your network so hopefully the NOOK will connect.  In reality you shouldn't have to do that.


                                                  I've had 6 to 8 devices of various types, makes, and models running on my network here at home for over two years and currently run 6 devices.  ALL of those connect and stay connected with NO ISSUES.  In those two years, I've had to reboot my router only twice .  So I think if I had a router problem or an issue with my ISP, that would have showed up long ago.   Since getting the NOOK, router rebooting has become a way of life here at home.  If all my other devices can connect without issues, then that pretty much tells me that the NOOK is flawed.  Plus the tablet isn't the only B&N device with this issue.  There are also connection issues with other B&N devices too.


                                                  I noticed a few days ago that a new NOOK tablet software version 1.4.3 was released.  They never release a full change log so you really don't know what's included but I hoped that they implemented changes to correct the connection issues.  I manually downloaded and updated according to B&N's directions.  If anything the connection issues are now worse.  I've had to do almost constant router reboots to stay connected.  But hey, at least I can enjoy the new comic book support included with the new update!


                                                  Want to know the really sad part?  When I bought the NOOK in February, my Wife and 6 year old Daughter  would rush to see who could get the NOOK first because it was so nice, handy,  and so much fun to use.  Fast forward to late April when the connection issues started happening and the NOOK was getting used less and less.  Let's face it, it's no fun when your Daughter says "Daddy how come I can't get to my online game fun anymore?"


                                                  Honestly I can't believe that B&N hasn't corrected the connection issue with a software update and that they continue to sell the product knowing that users will have connection problems.   IMO there's no way they aren't aware of the issues and so far have done nothing to address them.


                                                  I'm undecided as to exactly what I'm going to do with the NOOK.  As it needs wi-fi to connect and work as designed , the ability to connect and maintain a solid connection is essential for daily use.  As my NOOK no longer has the ability to do that reliably day after day, what I have now is a $200.00 paperweight. 


                                                  One thing I know for sure is that although the NOOK may work for others it no longer works for me.  I'm leaning toward having it replaced under warranty, never registering the replacement , and selling it at a loss to recoup some of my investment.  So sad.  If B&N would just release a statement that they are aware of the issue and are seriously working to resolve it, I'd be inclined to keep it as I loved it when it worked.


                                                  I'm probably going to buy a real tablet with reliable wi-fi , chalk the NOOK up to "lesson learned", and move on.


                                                  OK rant done.




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                                                      I just wated to let everyone know that I finally solved my wi-fi issues with my NOOK.


                                                      I kept checking and rechecking my settings because sometimes it would connect and sometimes drop.  I was sure it had something to do with a setting the NOOK was looking for but not not seeing consistantly.  


                                                      With some advice I got on another forum. I was advised to check what security setting my router (Qwest Actiontec Q1000) was using.  At that time I was using WPA which was working fine with all my other network devices.  I was told to set my security to WPA2 and see if that made a difference.


                                                      Since switching to WPA2 my wi-fi connection has been rock solid.  So in my case my NOOK 8gb tablet prefers WPA2.


                                                      So why did my NOOK work fine when I got it and then start acting up a few months later?  I think when I updated the router firmware, the secutity setting was reset to a default WPA and the NOOK didn't like it.  I can't say for sure if I had the security set to WPA2 before the firmware update, but my guess is that it was WPA2.  I never thought to check it after the update because every other device was working fine.


                                                      All is fine now so far.  Maybe this will help someone else with the same issue.



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                                                      Add this to the list of problems with the nook.  They have added a section on the FAQs on what to do when your nook drops it's connection.  The resolution is essentially "reboot". Are you kidding me?! What sort of half baked device is this? This needs a system update, not a work around telling the user to reboot. Apparently it's been going on for so long and so many people complained that they saw fit to add a section to thier FAQ, yet have taken no steps to resolve it?