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    Very Embarassed

      I have never been more embarrased of my ability to read at an exceptional speed than I was this morning. I received an email from a nook friend asking me if i was really reading the books i requested from her since I had two of her books and I had requested a couple of more. Not only do I read quickly I am also OCD(obsessive compulsive). So everytime i start a book i cant stop reading till I am finished. My hubby bought me my Nook so he wouldnt have to go to the bookstore 3-4 times a week. Sorry I just had to vent.
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          I was going to actually email you myself as well.  I believe I am also on your friends list and you requested 5 books from me.  So do you just go thru all of your friends and ask for books that you want and read them one right after another?  That just seem to be an awful lot.  Especailly when you have to consider the fact that each book can only be lent out to one person and only be lent once.  Also that the majority of the books that you have available as Lend Me books are books that are free from Barnes and Noble...

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              It would probably be a good idea to only request one at a time until you are finished with the one you have.  That way who ever is lending will still have access and can lend out to someone else if they prefer to (of course they could just deny the request). 


              I think a nook is great if you read a lot - that's one of the main reasons I got mine.  You may also want to get a library card and check some books out from them, that way you won't have to be borrowing from others too often and then they won't e-mail to ask questions if you are really reading the books.

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              I also read very fast and rather obsessively, but that's just because I love to read!  :heart:


              You might look into public domain books, as they are free and readily available.  I like to use Mobile Read because their books are usually formatted very nicely.  Another great resource is Project Gutenberg.


              Happy reading!