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    Replying to Threads

      Ok hopefully this problem will get ur minds off the update I'm having problems replying to threads when I'm using my laptop. When I hit the reply button it sometimes asks for log in info. After I log in I'm diverted back to account settings. Also happens when I'm already logged in. CS told me to clear cookies which I did. Didn't work. Even happens when I'm on a different computer. Bizarre. Any suggestions
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          Been happening to me as well, strangely enough only from my home PC, work PC not giving me an issue.

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            Glad to know its not just happening to me.  Im now on desktop running XP and IE8 not registered to me.  When I hit reply, I was prompted to log in which I did and it did not redirect me.  I saw a thread started by Doug which looked like a similar problem, but he said instead of signing in, he hit a register button instead and this solved the problem, but I can not find this.  My only choices are sign in or creat a new account.