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        I've had my Nook color for about 4 months, and I haven't had any problems, then today, that changed.  The Nook reset itself, said something about a corruption and needing to reboot.  It rebooted, and everything that we had on the nook is gone, (I still have it on the BN website so I should be able to reload everything, if I can get the darn machine to work right).  The Nook is blank and I have had to start all over like it was brand new, except..now I can't get it to connect to our wifi at home. It shows that there is a connection to it, but it tells me that there is a connectivity problem.  I rebooted it again, but this didn't help it.  Anyone have any suggestions, before I contact the tech line?

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          By the way, our wireless is working for the TV and two computers, without any problems

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            Yeah.. I called them.. and it's their fault.. not ours.. and I asked them when they gonna fix it. She said they're working on it right now and no idea when they will solve the problem...


            UGHHHH so mad!!!!

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              Let me guess... Christmas present? If so, same here. I just got off the phone with tech support a few moments ago and got a similar response. The posts on this feed are good, but I believe no mater what we try it still wont work and it's definitely a BN problem. My tech guy was smart, polite and as helpful as he could be (he sounded liked he had been yelled at a lot today). He didn't even bother to try and troubleshoot. He said wait 4 hours and try again! That's the best he had!!! Good luck, and let me know if you get anywhere :smileysad:

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                And this is the reply I just got from B&N technical support:


                "This afternoon, the NOOK Color 1.2 software update caused a small number
                of NOOK Color devices to revert to factory settings.  Barnes & Noble
                immediately identified and addressed the issue.  You can re-register
                their Barnes & Noble account, then reload their previously purchased
                content to their devices.  You need to re-register the account that was
                previously registered to the device."


                Hard to say what they wanted me to do, let alone the possibility of this working...


                Very frustrated by B&N not issuing a statement and not taking responsibility for the upgrade mess.


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                  As I posted in another thread a possible source for this problem I noticed while I was looking through my router. I was curious if my router even saw the CN since the message my CN gives is obtaining IP address forever then nothing. Well the answer is yes my router is assigning an IP address but a problem exists. When I look at the list I see a hostname android_ [then following that is a series of numbers and NON-ASCII characters] some of what follows is binary information. I cross reference that name to my CN MAC ID and they match. From what I am witnessing is my router doesnt know what to do with this wacky hostname. This may not be the only problem but would explain the communication issue between the router and device.


                  Perhaps allowing the consumer to put in their own hostname in the device would be a solution and for the immediate seeable future perhaps find the missing character in the 1000 lines of code or take out the misplaced comment or whatever is in the code causing the hostname to be partially binary.

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                    I am having the same problem.


                    Updated my NookColor to 1.2. Now when I have the WiFi on on my NC, our other machines cannot connect to the outside through the router. We have to turn off the WiFi on the NC and reboot the router. We have DSL and a Newell router.


                    There was a very useful post over on the Nook General Discussion Group under the topic "How is this even possible?" It's a DHCP problem with the update; it's a problem within Android.


                    The big question is: is B&N is aware of it and trying to fix it? 


                    From what I've seen here, I'm not so sure . . . 

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                      I sideloaded the update on Tuesday and promptly noticed problems with connecting the wireless access point at work including my other wireless devices being kicked off. I do not have this problem with my router at home and NC shares the router with the same other two devices at home plus a different pc. I switched the NC from the WAP to a regular router at work, left the other devices on the WAP, and everything is fine.


                      Fortunately, I thought the problem was due to the wi-fi on my new phone and didn't brick the NC before switching it to the other router; but it really sucks that B & N is reacting to this so poorly. Having just engaged in a four month fight with HP to get brand new and badly defective laptop replaced, I find this pervasive lask of concern for the consumer very disheartening....

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                        It's good to know I am not the only one having these problems!! I did the manual update 5 days ago and have been having problems with WiFi ever since. I had no idea it would have been due to my Nook update. I have spent the past 5 days on the phone with my internet provider as well and we have gone through everything, NO LUCK and now I know why!!!!  I am fed up. Reading the posts I now know it has to do with my Nook update and all I can say is this better get this fixed ASAP.


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                          I have a westell  327W also and this issue drove me nuts for a bit. I found that if I shut the Nook down and reset the router the computers and other gear connect normally. All is fine till Ifire up the Nook again. Leave the router off abit over 15 seconds and you should be OK, other than the Nook. I have disabled the Wi Fi on the Nook till something changes or another update comes down. I took mine to the local B&N in Wilkes Barre Pa. and basically was told that waiting for an update is the best option or dropping back to old version of the software. I choose to wait although another thought is that a different newer router may fix the glitch....

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                            Same problem here with the 327W.  When Nook connects, everything else disconnects.  Only way to restore is to reset router.  I have also turned off wifi on the Nook until they fix this.  Most inconvenient...

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                              Me too, the Westell 327W router. Wonder if some setting needs to be changed?  I didn't have time to call Verizon to see if they can help?  I can live with this annoyance but it would be nice not having to turn off the device, pc and router to get one or the other to work.  Anyone found a way to make this work pre 1.2? I do not that NC and Mac are not sharing the same IP address. 

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                                This is the same issue I am having with my wife's CN we just bought today. Could not connect once I stopped broadcasting the SSID. When I manually add the network and WEP key, it goes through the 'obtaining IP address' loop and never connects. I turn the wifi off, reenable SSID broadcast, turn wifi on, and connect to the now visible network and it connects with no issues.


                                Have not noticed any interference problem with my wife's laptop or my wireless print server.


                                It looks like just a really poor implementation of the Network handling functions. This is the only Android device we have so far, but I assume Google was on the ball as far as the generic Android network implementation. It looks like B&N just borked it for their custom OS.


                                p.s. Our Nook is Ver 1.2.0

                                Whorfin wrote:

                                The glitch I found is that the Nook can't connect to hidden SSID's any longer. I was able to verify this by enabling the broadcast of mine and the Nook connected without issue. I hid it and the Nook dropped the connection.

                                I presently have my router broadcasting the SSID, but filtering the MAC addresses.


                                I am hoping BN releases a maintenance update that corrects the hidden SSID issue.


                                For those of you entertaining their support telling you to reset it and then apply the update again...you are more than likely just wasting your time as the same issue should happen once you are back at v1.2.


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                                  We just bought a Nook Color last Friday (4-29-11) after reading many glowing reviews of the product. Got it home and put it on the charger and was able to connect to our router to register it. Played with it that evening and even downloaded the free book, able to connect to the internet and several web sites. On Saturday it would connect to the router but said no internet. Still not able to get to the 'net. Weird that it worked out of the box but not after that. It supposedly was already updated with 1.2. Our IPod Touch connects with no problems still. The router was brand new at Christmas time so it's not a "old router" issue.


                                  Should I call B&N tech support and add my voice to the apparently growing tide of discontent?

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                                    I downloaded the update on monday and didn't really have any problems connecting. I messed up my (hotmail) email later in the week, so I stopped in at a store sunday night. The Nook person unregistered my Nookcolor and regesistered it. It worked fine in the store. Now, at home, I tries to connect and then disconnects.......I have been able to get online iwth a fair signal from an unsecured person. What's with this???? I will keep reading to see if someone has the answer.

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