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    Finally got NC to hold a home wifi connection!

      From reading other threads it seems that I wasnt only one having this problem...what really boggled me was that it would initially connect and work for 2-5 mintues then lose connection...


      After a day of playing with the Nook and my router with all the suggestions from other threads, I personally have find a solution that is working for me.....simpler than I thought but not 100% ideal in my eyes...


      Basically I had to switch my router to 802.11b and g only and my NC has been connected for the past 5 hours with no issues.


      This is a real simple change on the router, but not ideal to me for these 2 reasons:


      -eliminating 802.11n - which has a higher data rate speed over g and b.

      -will this limit my access to remote wifi access points which are set to broadcast b/g/n?  Since I wont have access to changing the configuration on these other routers, will I have to just deal with intermitting drop of wifi connection?


      -MAC filtering was not on

      -SSID is broadcasted

      -WPA and WPA2 encryption

      -Firmware update 1.0.1


      All those items were meet before when it wasnt working and now when it is working, so it pretty much seems that the eliminate of N was the key.


      In any event, I got the NC to work on my home network without any issue.  I may play with all the settings a bit later on, but I just want to enjoy the NC now...


      Hope this may work for you as well!