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    Pandora bug?

      I wonder if anyone else has experienced this... If I turn on the nookcolor pandora plays fine. If I pause and do something else and/or put it to sleep I cannot get sound from pandora again unless I poeer the noom off and back on. I tried logging out and back in to pandora... no luck. The timer moves and I can even skip tracks... adjust volume up and down... but no sound unless I cycle the power. I've also noticed this happening with kids books as well. Anyone else?
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          Yes. I'm having the exact same problem and it's annoying. I don't want to completely power down the NookColor every time I want to turn Pandora back on. What else are we supposed to do?

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            I'm glad someone else is experiencing this problem.  Perhaps it will get someone's attention.  Any nook developers want to chime in?

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              You know what? It's working fine for me. We used to have to make a separate thread for the manufacturer and provide the beginning portion of the serial# when I was an early adopter for a a Canon dslr. It might not be a bad idea to start a "bug" thread, list you serial#(not the whole #) and the issue you are having. Our thread hit 150 posts and canon narrowed it down to a range of #'s that was a "bad" batch.
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                I'm not having any issues at all with Pandora.

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                  I have not even loaded Pandora and the sound doesn't work.

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                    I am not understanding your issue.  You state you have not loaded Pandora.  NOOKcolor comes with Pandora (found in the Extras section).  You either login or create an account to begin using Pandora.


                    Are you having audio issues with your NOOKcolor?

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                      Michael, it is not a pandora issue. The nook loses sound when it wakes up from sleep mode. Will the upgrade address This? I had this happen on a pc a long time ago. It was fixed with a driver update. Will it be fixed or should we return and get a replacement?
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                        I have the same issue.  I have had the NookColor for a few weeks. Very Annoying. 

                        • 9. Well known and very common "no sound after sleep bug"... was Re: Pandora bug?

                          Thanks for mentioning your problem here and listing all the details.


                          If you search the Forum, you will find a few major threads on this Topic.


                          In short, this is now a well known and absolutely confirmed (amoung Forum participants at least) sound problem on certain Nook Color's (we don't know what batch or how to identify the batch; and we think it has nothing to do with software, since they all run the same OS and even OS rooting and hacks do not alter the problem).


                          Problem:  Sound works until the device sleeps; upon waking, sound no longer books until full shutdown (power off) and power on.

                          Solution: Return / exchange your Nook Color or demand a Warranty Exchange. Sound is required for read-to-me children's books, MP3, Video, Pandora, etc., and thus your device does not live up to the features you purchased.


                          Please search the Forums for "sound failure" or similar to find the same response.


                          BTW: I exchanged my first Nook Color about a week ago, and tested the replacement in the store (very helpful service person). The new one continues to work perfectly.