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    Browser history error?

      Please help resolve a family argument that centers on our Nook.


      Is there any known bug that would cause an item in the Nook Color browser history to be shown as happening today (in the "Today") section of the scrollable history, even though that page was only accessed one time, months earlier?


      Or... Is there any known bug that would cause a random page title to incorrectly appear in the history?


      Here's why I ask. A member of my family claims she has not been using the Nook Color for any web browsing.  And yet, several items appeared in the "Today" section of the history when I looked at it.  (This was days ago, so now these items have moved down further in the history, to the section for older items.) 


      This family member also says she has not been to a Holiday Inn, but a page in the history looks like the hotel's wifi entry page. Most of the items were GMail page titles.  One of them said "Holiday Inn® eHost™ | Terms & Conditions" with a URL of "m.gmail.com".  I believe this is what you'd see when you first try to access the internet while staying at a Holiday Inn. You enter the GMail address, but get the page asking you to agree to the hotel terms for free (or paid) internet access. If you agree, you can continue browsing the web. Because the first request gets intercepted that way, you see the URL you requested in the browser address bar and therefore in the history, along with the Holiday Inn title in the title bar and in the history.


      Is there any other explanation?  Or, does it appear this Nook Color was used at a Holiday Inn and browsed GMail via the hotel wifi connection?


      I hope your answers will resolve this dispute. It's frustrating to see the browser history telling me one thing and hear the only person with access to it telling me that cannot possibly be accurate.


      THANK YOU!!


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          There's an easy way to figure it out.


          Is the page showing BOTH today and at the time in the past?



          If so, then there's a good chance the person did use the WiFi at Holiday Inn.




          Computers lie far less than people.


          However, if it's something important, it's good to give the benefit of the doubt the first time.