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    Free Friday

      How do you download the free Friday book on NOOK color?

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          AwJ71 wrote:

          How do you download the free Friday book on NOOK color?

          What works for me is going to shop home on my NC and wait for all loading to stop.  At the top is a list of recommendations by "experts" and such.  Swipe it to the left to turn the page, so to speak, and you should eventually come to the Free Friday offering.

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            I'm more likely to be at my computer than using my Nook when the free Friday selection comes along, so what I do is this: Check the B&N blog for the search term for the FF offering, then go to B&N, find the book and "buy" it. This way it's in my library and I can download it the next time I sync my library, whether it's this Friday or next week.

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              I had problems with this same feature for some time. I received a reply (one of many) from Customer Service telling me that I could go to http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nook-blog/ and that takes you right to the Free Friday Book!  I could not believe it but it worked!  Finally an answer that was correct.

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                It usually comes up on my shop home, but last Friday it didn't. I followed the link on Facebook and downloaded it from my computer and it showed up on my NC.