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    Twitter App?!

      The Twitter app just appeared on my Nook Color and keeps trying to install. I do not use Twitter, and it's not showing up under my account to delete/remove it. Is anyone else having this issue and is there a resolution for it?!

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          I think Twitter is an installed B&N social app and if I remember correctly, social apps can be controlled in Settings. My NC  is at home, so I cannot verify this. But check in Settings would be a good start.

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            That and AMV, and Woodwing..if there is nothing to do about it, then I am seriously upset. I used to love my Nook Color. Now there is continuous installations and apps I did not ask for.
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                Yes, it's very inconvenient.


                IN trying to add it for people who need the apps (AMV and Woodwing for magazines, twitter for twitter people) B&N has unnecessarily added it for everyone. It should have been optional.

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                So with Twitter, AMV, and Woodwing we are pretty much messed up? they never isntall and they just stay there doing nothing. 

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                  I found a way to get rid of the Twitter app because I had the same 'Installing' problem you had.

                  1.- You need to download the Twitter app via browser from B&N. I don't think the internal one will let you

                  2.- You have to install it and it will fail (will corrupt the intenal one on the Nook

                  3.- Remove the installation (or Archive it) and it will remove both Twitter apps!


                  I have done this twice and it works.  Sorry I can't remember the specific steps of how I managed to cheat the NC & B&N into allowing me to download a copy!

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                    Sorry for not remembering the detail but I think this is what I did.

                    I am runnig Puffin Web browser on my Nook Color.  I logged onto the B&N web page using the Puffin App and searched for the App "Twitter"  The only one available is for Nook Tablet (not for Nook Color) and

                    I downloaded it and ran it.  It began to install, but towards the begining is stopped and said something about not being able to continue (can't remember the specifics).  I decided to archive it and the 'Twitter' App dissapeared from the 'APP' and from HOME.  I tried unrchiving it and reinstalling it, but I got the same error, so I deleted it completelly.  Now my Nook color is clean and there are no more 'Twitter' Apps shown!!!