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    Free advance sample of "Why They Cried" (Fall 2010, Joyland/ECW Press)

      Hello, everyone. I'm an indie author who's been lurking for a bit, but an admin assured me that you might be up for a freebie.


      In anticipation of the release of my e-book short story collection, Why They Cried (Fall 2010, Joyland/ECW Press), I'm offering up a free "fiction single," and it only recently made its way from Smashwords to B&N and the Nook. I'm trying to get the word out. I'd love to find some readers here -- and would be happy to chat about the stories if anyone here decides to give them a try.

      Single: Two Stories contains two previously-published stories. "Miss Tennessee" is about a couple who can only communicate by speaking for their dog, Steve, while "The Cryerer" is about an actor who specializes in crying in made-for-TV movies. As ECW's page describes it, "Hanas writes a lean and powerful line that makes even absurd situations—a man who cries professionally, a beauty queen leaving her slob boyfriend for an astronaut—seem painfully familiar." Readers who like Nathanael West, George Saunders, David Foster Wallace, McSweeney's, and other offbeat literary fiction will enjoy this sampler. Thanks for reading. For reading anything. Not just my stuff.