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      Last night my sales completely died at about 6 PM. Then today, I have only a few sales, where I usually have over 20 by now. It looks like things stopped updating last night through this morning, and may have stopped again. Has anyone else noticed this, or are sales just really dead right now? 

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          Noticed the same! Looks like I've had a slow day then when the sales go from yesterday's sales into the total I have magically gained sales. Today my sales have frozen, or have they? Frustrating to say the least. Anyone else experience this?
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            ALso have noticed a drop in sales. Have also seen sales not being reported. Wondering why and when it will be fixed.

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              JMChristoper, have your sales been adjusting when they reach monthly totals? I can't quite figure out the pattern, seems about 1/4 of my sales aren't being reported until they reach monthly sales. From about now until the morning my sales won't update at all. Frustrating to say the least, it's become a mind game to try and figure out where I'm actually at! Wondering if this has been reported or if they even know....
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                I would like to know if it's software related or something that we will read about in all the papers later.  What is going on?  BARNES AND NOBLE should send out emails to all authors explaining the situation instead of letting everyone sit here and wonder if there is something really bad going on here. 


                I'M JUST SAYING... It would be nice if the company kept us posted because it's obvious to everyone something is happening.