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    no sample in my library

      I know it can be boring but is the only way I can feel less frustrated with the whole expenses and the results I am getting every day. 

      I read Joyce letters to his wife in a Spanish edition, I was trying to get the sample of Dublin houses. From Nook I tried and it says, you already have it in your library. It is not.


      No way to chat using Nook. I came to the computer, I chat with a lady, look in your Nook. I went down, look at Nook. It is not there. Every day, instead of a joy I have a difficulty to read, to buy, to chat, to do whatever with nook. :smileyfrustrated:

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          Since you are in the HD/+ forum...


          Check the permissions in your profile. Sometimes a download comes up with a "not visible in this profile" condition.


          Second, in the library, use the menu to view archived items, sometimes an item gets flagged as archived.


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            What Wulfraed wrote should work.


            Another option - download Nook for PC. Then download it to Nook for PC.


            Then in Nook for PC archive and unarchive. This will put it on Nook.