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    when no e-book version is available

      Is there a way to sign up for an alert on a p-book, so that when the e-book version is released, I know I can buy it? 


      I looked around but couldn't find a service like this . . . maybe I wasn't looking in the right place. I know that I could just keep a p-book wishlist and constantly check back, but it would be a lot easier if I could sign up for a notification when a new format was available.


      More than once, I've been intrigued by a p-book and disappointed to discover that there is no e-book available from BN. Often the kindle version is available but I don't want a kindle version, I want to read the book on my nook.  I wonder if the existence of a kindle version makes it less likely that there will be a nook version someday.


      I see that the FAQ says, "We try our best to put eBooks and books on sale simultaneously, but in many cases, for reasons beyond our control, eBooks are not released on the same date as the print version."  This suggests that there is always hope for an e-version. :smileyhappy: