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    Speaking of typos... "Princess Bride"?


      Speaking of typos... I was looking for a digital copy of "The Princess Bride."



      B&N has a book by William Goldman called " Princess Bride" (note the title is incorrectly missing "The") and it is missing the cover art. Since the title is wrong, I downloaded a sample to make sure it was actually the correct book before I purchased it. The sample also has the title incorrect on the the page headers but the title page is correct. (The sample consists of 15 pages of endorsements for the book but ends before including any excerpts from the actual story. )


      Amazon has the same book but with the title spelled correctly and their version does have the cover art.


      This type of error really bothers me. I would rather buy the book from B&N, but having and incorrect title and lacking the cover art really makes it look unprofessional. I would like a nice copy in my digital collection. And how does this kind of error get past the book editor?