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    Nook ST - Adhesive defect




      I was very recently gifted a Nook Simple Touch. Upon inspection, it would appear that the grey, tactile rubber surrounding the e-ink screen is held in place by adhesive, which seems to be weakening for some reason and causing a gap to form beneath that portion of the chassis.


      I posit this could be caused by egregiously hot shipping conditions, as I do live in a desert. Is this a common problem with the Nook ST?


      This has me concerned, as I just had a similar issue with my smartphone. Over the course of many months, the screen slowly has been popping out, probably due to cheap adhesive being used in lieu of proper construction, much like what appears to have been done with my Nook.


      If it's a known issue, there isn't much I can do I suppose. I just don't want to go through the hassle of getting a replacement, only to find the exact same defect. I'm equally uninterested in having my Nook fall apart six months down the road because someone at B&N decided to shave 10 cents off the price of construction by using Elmer's glue in the product.

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          Are you sure that gap isn't where the touch sensors live? That's totally normal.


          Unless I am misunderstanding your description of your problem.

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            Thank you for your responses.


            The gap I'm referring to is between the grey, texturized rubber, on the front outer region of the nook and the black plastic plate beneath it that holds the actual e-ink screen in.


            When held at an angle, I can see adhesive beneath the grey rubber. It seems to have broken down or something and you can see it "stretching" between the grey rubber and the black plastic beneath.


            I guess I will need to bring it in and hopefully they can replace it with a model that doesn't have this issue. I am concerned about dust getting in there and making its way deeper into the device.

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              The Nook ST was brought into the store today and they replaced it with no fuss. The new Nook has no visible defect like the first one had. Looks like It's time to start reading. :smileywink:


              The new one does also have a minute gap all around, but it's clearly proper construction in this case, unlike the first model.


              The separation is so subtle that you wouldn't see it without fairly good eyes and close inspection. It may not be a gap at all, but rather where the rounded edges of the two layers meet and offer the illusion of a gap.


              None of that matters of course, just idle speculation. :smileyhappy:

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                  There is no doubt that this adhesive defect exists because on mine you can see STRINGS of glue between the rubber faceplate and the black plastic. The problem with this is that it creates a gap with glue inside it to trap dirt, hairs etc. that are difficult to remove. I will try to get a picture and post it.


                  My problem with the "solution" is that I am getting tired of returning these units for quality issues. I am on my 3d. One had a sticky power switch, the second had severe marring and misalignment of the perimeter bezel, and this one has the unglueing problem. In each case you have to deregister the returned reader, fully charge the new unit, install the 1.2.1 firmware update, and re-register- not to mention the gas wasted on several trips to B&N. This definitely discourages one from buying several units as gifts! It's too bad, because apart from these unpredictable quality issues, I think the ST is an almost perfect reader.