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    Shelves Disappearing

      Has anyone else had their shelves disappear on the HD+. Several times I've been working on the device and I'll have several shelves set. Then I'll either exit or power off the device and when I come back the shelves are gone. I am not deregistering and I'm not resetting so I'm not sure what the problem is?


      I"m concerned because this has now happened on two different HD Plus devices?


      Does anyone know if there are any more patches coming out for the device soon?



      Along with this I've also periodically had trouble downloaidng books, hae had errors about the "reader stopping" or "the library stopping". 


      I love the device but it seems unbelievably buggy

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          I also had my shelves disappear on the HD+. I was creating and adding them in the same manner that I did on the Nook Tablet - long-pressing the book cover and choosing "Add to Shelf".


          There is another way to add books to shelves on the HD+. When on the Library screen, tap the lower-left corner "menu" icon and choose Create New Shelf. Name the Shelf and tap Save. This brings up a Manage Content window where you can tap Books to bring up a list of all the books on the device. You can then tap to check the boxes next to the books you want to place on the shelf. It's a little slow, but I've got a lot of books.


          Hopefully the second method will be permanent. I'm not going to shelve any more books until I am confident the shelves are not going to disappear.


          An even better solution would be to store shelf information in My Nook (in the "Cloud") along with Account information. That way shelf information could download to a new device along with the books and we wouldn't have to re-shelve everything manually. This is a suggestion for the Developers.....

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            I was so glad to see this thread.  I could have sworn I set up a shelf for Fiction; since I have over a hundren books, I did it the way you describe.  But when I bought a new book yesterday and went to add it to a shelf, the Fiction shelf wasn't there.  I figured I was just mentally losing it.  Thank you for the reassurance that I'm not on the first step to dementia. 


            Since many of us have multiple/serial Nooks, it would be ideal to have a shelving system that synced across the entire ecosystem.  Given the whole Cloud thing, I don't know why this would be difficult. 

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              The shelves aren't disappering, but are set up to work the same way the books on your home page work - they show the most recent shelves accessed, (on the shortcut line when you first tap on library) . If you then tap directly on "my shelves",it will bring up all of your shelves. At first wnen you tap, it will appear that there are 0 shelves. Be patient - there is currently a significant lag after tapping, but then they will appear.
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                I had my shelves disappear multiple times last night. One of the shelves had downloaded books from the  public library. The other had the user guides.


                I did not turn off the device. I was moving between the shelves and the library tyring to open a library book. I was getting the "This book has been returned" error so was trying to open from both the shelf and the library/books folder. Poof - my shelves just disappeared. Added them back and poof - gone again.


                Sadly, this thing is heading back to the store this weekend. It's just too troublesome.


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                  I created about 15 shelves and put all the books on them.  It took me most of the day.  Now they are all gone.  I love my Nook HD, but I wish I'd never purchased it.  If all I'd wanted was something to read on, I could have purchased the simple touch.  I purchased the Nook HD because I thought it would be a nicer device, but it's just plain frustrating. And I don't have any intention of rebuilding shelves if they are just going to disappear again.  From reading these pages, it seems like that would happen.

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                    I am so glad I found this thread!!! Same issue here. 600 books I can not 'shelve'. I've set up four shelves countless times in the last 4 weeks and they've disappeared every time. I'm sick of trying to organize my books. This was my favorite feature on the Nook color and now... I gaze longingly at my old friend, I'm sure, my son will never relinquish. Please B&N, please listen and help your customers :smileysad: Brittany

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                      This is the 4th time at least that this has happened.  I had high hopes when my shelves lasted a good 2 weeks but just disappeared not 5 minutes after I checked them this afternoon.  I have an HD+ and did nothing except open my shelves then came back and saw they went POOF.  Not happy.  I too loved this feature on my NC.

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                        I've frequently used my wife's iPad to read books; so much so she bought me my own ebook reader for Christmas this year.  Since I'm not really interested in a tablet but wanted a reader with a similar size screen as the iPad, she got me the Nook HD+.

                        It's very easy to use, makes for excellent reading and is far easier to add books to from my PC then her iPad.  In those regards it's satisfyingly sufficient for my needs.

                        That said, we're returning it to the store because of the disappearing shelves issue.  I would keep it if I knew this was a bug that would be quickly resolved, however, from looking at the Nook and B&N forums, it appears that this is a long standing problem and I see nothing from B&N saying they will have it fixed soon.

                        This is a shame; it's a great reader but is crippled by it's inability to allow the user to organize their books.

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                          Alex Garcia

                          Hi Jack51,


                          I'm sorry that you have experienced an issue with your shelves as well. Have you updated to 2.0.5 already?


                          - Alex

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                            I have an Nook HD plus 32GB and my shelves are still

                            randomly disappearing.  This last time I was rebuilding

                            my shelves than stop for about 2 weeks and went I got

                            back to it they were gone.  The last post on Shelves

                            Disappearing you ask the poster if he as updated to

                            2.0.5 and now we are on 2.2.0.  My shelves are still

                            disappearing and with over 300 books My Shelves

                            helps in organizing my books.

                            Will the next update try to fix this problem?   :catsad:



                            Nook HD Plus 32GB

                            Firmware  Ver 2.2.0