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    Does anyone else see that their Nook wi-fi network connection is "Testing" ?

      Then at times disconnects and reconnects? It is as if the network connection is refreshing. I was told by B&N Chat Support to go to a B&N store to see if I can connect to their in house network (given that I cannot consistently connect to my home network). While there, the two in house customer service/technical people stated that I should not be seeing the periodic "testing" (refresh) of my network connection and that I "could" have a bad network radio/card in my new Nook Color. I did however stay connected to the wi-fi network at the store though with no problem.


      My question is are the store personnel correct in that I should not be seeing a periodic "testing" of the connection while in the Settings/Wireless Screen and my internal network radio/card is defective, or is it common to see the wi-fi connection test itself ? Has anyone else heard of that?


      I have have no luck in resolving the issue as to why I cannot consistently connect to my at home wireless connection (Linksys router) and do not know the cause. All my laptops connect just fine. I have tried the default router settings, N and G only, setting it to just 54 mbps, WEP, WPA, WPA2, No Security and still no luck.


      Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions....



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          If the problem is only on your home network, then the Nook it's self is not likely to be the problem. Try it at another hotspot like McDonalds or Panera.


          If it works fine at other hotspots the problem is your network. Just because other devices connect fine does not mean there is not an issue since the basic os is different from your laptop to the android system. It could be where you tend to use the nook you are at the far end of your wireless range. At my B&N I get a really bad connection, too much interference in the wireless signal I think.


          If you have the issue at other hotspots then the problem is in the nook.

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            Hi Sandie,


            Thank you for your time and feedback. Did you notice that your nook tests the wi-fi connection periodically while is the Settings/Wireless screen?


            As mentioned originally, when I connected at my local Barnes & Noble there was still a continual refresh/testing of their (the B&N) network which led the two B&N employees to state that they thought the network card was bad internal to the Nook Color since according to them "it should not be testing and retesting once a connection is made". That was why I was asking if anyone else sees that there Nook wi-fi connection retests the connection (can be seen while in the Settings/Wireless Screen and while looking at your own wi-fi connection).


            Regarding your comment as to a possible range issue, I do not beleive that is the case since I have the nook right on my desk here next to my router. I have tried numerous scenarios and setup in my router from the basic default settings to trying different channels (Channel 9 seems to work best), to changing to a just g or just n broadcast, to open security to WPA2 TKIP. I have also updated my router with the lastest firmware. I will also make mention that I am a network tech who works with routers for a living (smiles). While that does not say I know all, I will say that I have even dabbled into the routers settings that most would not find the need to (nor should not with connecting with their nook..smiles) such as the routers beacon interval and threshold settings.


            I will make mention that I find it odd that my network falls either off the Wireless networks available screen at times or even goes to disabled to remember to connecting, to obtaining an IP address to eventually connecting for a brief period. I too am beginning to think it is a bad network radio inside the nook. In my determination, I even setup another manufacturers router at the 2.4 ghz setting and it did the same and connected and disconnected throughout while being right next to the router.


            Bottom line...I was just trying to see if there was any merit in what the two B&N employees stated that the connection should NOT be periodically "testing and retesting" an excellent signal strength connection...it there is merit in that statement, it would be just one more test result that would lend itself to the theory that the networking card truly is BAD. Smiles !