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    We added another HD+ to the family


      I bought my wife an HD+ for Christmas. This raises a couple of questions.


      1. We also have a Color Nook, a Simple Touch, and one of the early ones but I can't recall the name. How do we "de-commission" one of them. Is there any process other than just re-initializing it and simply not activating it?


      2. On the 2nd HD+, I've created a second profile in her name. Is there any way to keep the books we read separate by profile? I'm certain I could build her a separate approach to shelving and place the books according to that scheme but, if we could just separate them initially by "Eric's books" and "Joan's books" it would be helpful. If I use just shelves and only shelve her books on her machine and my books on my machine, we'll still have 100% of the books on both machines ... won't we?




      Eric Johnson

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          You don't have to decomission any of your nooks, unless you want to gift them tosomeone else or sell them. I have 9  registered to my account. If you do want to decommission one to regift or sell, just go into settings, device information, and deregister the device.


          As far as profiles go, you can select which books and apps are viewable by each profile. You can create 2 profiles on your wife's HD+ and on yours; one for her and one for you. Each can be set up with different home screen backgrounds, different shelves and books, different apps and magazines viewable, etc. However, all books that are downloaded will still be present on both devices. Currently, both profile names will be viewable on both devices if they are registered to the same account, but shelving has to be done separately on both devices/profile sets, and each has to be set up differently with profile pictures.


          I don't think the profile set-ups on viewable content automatically transfer to both devices at this point; hopefully that will come when B&N redoes their website in the spring.   

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              I have 2 HDs and an HD+ all on my account. The + is mine and the HDs belong to my two teen daughters.The three profiles show up on all 3 devices and I have a passcode for the admin of all three. My problem is this. can the girls put passcodes on their profiles to keep each other out of their profiles? or else when I delete the un-need profile from one it goes away from all the machines and the account as well.  Don't want to do that. Just want to keep each other out of sisters profile.  Is this possible? and if so, how?

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                Thanks. I'm discovering that the use of 2 or more nooks on the same account is surprisingly easy. I only wish that they had made common shelving an option. Would it help any to add another profile that could be called "Master" as the first profile and then add two adult profiles called "Eric" and "Joan"? Just sort of musing ... Eric