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    ADE and Public Library

      I caan't get Adobe reader to work on my nook. I want to check out and read books from ELibrary at Houston Public Library. If you search their catalog there are tons of Ebooks. Information I read says that i should be able to dowload and open them on my nook but i cannot. I am able to open them on my home computer, with ADE program but i don't see a sinc or setup option for my nook. Am I totally wrong. Does ADE not open Epub files at all. And if so how come Overdrive which is the library software won't work either. i am getting an error code 3006 and a couple others. I am unable to use these programs and it's making me want to resale my NOOK, or return it.

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          It is very unclear from your post as to the steps you have taken to get these programs to work.


          From your NT, open up OverDrive, setup your Adobe ID within the app. Then, while still in the app, find your library, do what you need to to check a book out. You will read the book in the OD app (not the stock reader.) See if that works.