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      My Nook Color is dying, and I'm thinking about getting another one.  Can I transfer my library from the old one to the new one??

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          If yoiu are referring to the books, magazines and apps you purchased with your B&N account, then, yes, they are transferable, except for some apps which may not be compatible with your new Nook. When you register your new Nook with the same account info, they will appear for downloading. Any material purchased elsewhere will need to be manually sideloaded.


          Incidentally, what model Nook were you considering getting to replace your NC? If another NC, then it, too, will probably have a short life since B&N stopped producing and selling new ones years ago, so you would end up with a used one. Word is, B&N will be announcing a new Nook this coming Wednesday. Here is a link to an ongoing thread:




          Presumably your B&N stuff will transfer to the soon-to-be-released Nook, except for some (perhaps most) apps because the new Nook is based on a much more current version of Android than the NC was.