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    B&N subbed me to a magazine I do not want-can't get rid of it!

      I recently got a Nook Color. LOVE IT. However I am very angry with B&N. They took it upon themselves to subscribe me to Parenting-The Early Years magazine, and won't let me unsub. I have clicked on Cancel Subscription over and over and over and it does NOTHING. I just get taken back to my library and the damned magazine is still there. I am not a parent and never will be because I am unable to have children. Having this magazine I never ordered keep showing up on my Nook Color is a slap in the face. I want it GONE. Why on earth do they think they have the right to subscribe people to magazines like this? When I click on "View Order" I get a page with a fake invoice. There is no order number, and the rest of the fields are filled in with "NaN"  I emailed CS and they'd better get this garbage off my account! Fortunately I am not being charged for it.