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    Nook / Netflix Hell

      I purchased a Nook Tablet as a Christmas gift for my mother.  She was all excited that she could not only read all of her book content but could also watch Netflix and Hulu+ from her device.  I tested the tablet in the store and Netflix worked like a charm but when I got home it could connect to my network just fine, it could download books and apps just fine, but Netflix and Hulu+ will never open past the splash screen.  My home wireless network is a 802.11g with WPA-personal AES orTKIP.  I also removed all encryption and firewalls from my network and still no use.


      I stopped by the BN store ant NETFLIX and Hulu+ still work fine there.  BN support line says it's Netflix fault Netflix says it's BN fault.  Can someone help me PLEASE.


      Next time I think I'll buy an iPad, they have a Nook app. :smileywink:


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          Why blame B&N if the issue is not theirs? If it works fine on other wifi networks then the easy solution is the problem is on your end.. My 1st though is that your home firewall may be blocking a port that is needed.. Some routers require you to enable this port for use...
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            Thank you raqball, but if you would have read my post you would have known that I had removed my firewall so there is no need for port forwarding.  Also, I had the IP address of the Nook in the DMZ of my router.


            Pllease read the entire post next time.

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              I did read the whole post... Are you aware that the ISP and or modem (not only the router) could be blocking the port? If it works on other networks, then the issue lay somewhere on your connection be it ISP / Modem / Router and or all....
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                My experience with B&N is that they have the worst CS going. You're right about the iPad. I didn't save $250 by buying a Nook Tablet. I threw $250 away.
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                  The store might have Cox, but it would be Cox business and you would Cox Residential at home. It's possible you have bandwidth restrictions with your plan . . Cox offers different levels of plans for Internet use and at home you may bandwidth restrictions. If you know someone with an Ipad or another Nook, you could try it in your house and see if you get the same results.

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                    I had some problems once with the original nook.

                    I recommend you reset all of your network units to the original default settings.

                    With all of the recommendations from cox. 


                    it was the DNS servers that killed me.  I had changed to opendns.

                    When I changed to Google DNS servers, it worked.

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                      Go to speakeasy.net and do a speed test. That will tell you your up/down speeds


                      I have DSL lite at home. I get 1.3 mbps down (receive) and .43mbps up (send) and Netflix works fine for me. I have to let youtube vids buffer or they will stop during playback.



                      Somewhat off topic:  :smileyindifferent:


                      Cable is not, as a rule, better than DSL. Standard speeds on both avg 3  up .75 down I believe MAX available at this time is 7 up, 3 down. *some offer 10/5 but that is hard to get unless the facilities(cable btwn you and the ntwk equip) are perfect*


                      A problem that cable has that DSL doesn't is the LOOP. DSL is a straight connection btwn you and the ntwk equip. Cable has sev cust tied to the same loop then to the ntwk. peak times in your neighborhood will effect your speed where as DSL is only hindered by NTWK traffic.


                      With all the bandwidth hungry apps/programs/services etc etc becoming more mainstream the BIG problem is that the MAIN pipe that internet traffic rides is getting close to maxing out. (there is bandwidth in reserve but the telecoms/ISP's don't want to spend the $$ to make it usable just yet)


                      My conspiracy theory is this: Just like oil they will get us hooked(done) force shortages(soon) then raise prices


                      Just a theory









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                        Phoneboy, cable speeds are routinely over 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up now. I subscribe the a basic tier of service out here in a little town of 15,000, and I'm getting roughly 14 Mbps down and 2 Mbps upstream. I originally subscribed to their 3 Mbps service when I moved here about 8 years ago, and they keep bumping up my speeds without my asking.


                        That is, I believe, one of the key advantages of cable systems: They can make significant upgrades with just software changes.


                        DSL offerings still tend to be at the lower end in comparison. While it's true that cable bandwidth is "shared" (who can forget the old DSL commercials), all bandwidth is shared somewhere along between the customer and wherever they're going on the Internet. DSL providers share further up the chain than cable, perhaps, but share nonetheless. The point being that the network must be adequately designed and configured to sustain the desired speeds. If my bandwidth is shared, but I'm still getting stellar up and down speeds, do I really care?


                        You're right about the conspiracy, though: It's Tiered Internet!

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                          You answered your own questions next time just get the ipad and that's it :manlol:

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                            COBHC wrote:

                            You answered your own questions next time just get the ipad and that's it :manlol:

                            Is there some reason you're sweeping through the boards, reviving old threads, and suggesting people dump their NOOK devices to buy iPads to do things the NOOK clearly can?


                            If Lightguy79's problem is his Internet connection speed, the most expensive tablet in the world won't make any difference whatsoever.