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    Cannot download

      The download keeps circling around and around trying to open Overviews of books I already have and I cannot buy books....same circling issue.


      How can this be fixed so I can buy, download and view what books are about?


      Also, when you go to the library page, the arrows (bottom left) are continuously turning. It never ends.


      (Been doing this all week)

        • Re: Cannot download

          This seems like an obvious question, and I hope I've gathered the correct information from your post, it was hard to get down exactly where this is occurring.


          Is the problem in the Store, or in your Library only?

          Is it only involving downloading and purchasing books?

          If some of the books are ones you own - had they previously FULLY downloaded before you attempted to open them?

          Is it happening with only one item or book?

          Is the NOOK actually connected to wifi?

          If you have set up wifi already - is it definately enabled and turned on?


          Might be able to help if you can give a bit more specific information.

          If not you can call 1-800-843-2665 for Customer Service.