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    Where did I find power cables for my Nook?  Amazon.com!

      My power cable died for my Nook HD+.  Now that's something you can't live without.  But the power cable isn't sold on this website.. it can only be purchased via the pick up at your local store option.


      But my local store didn't have it.  At least the one that was close enough to not have to spend more on gas then shipping.  The closest store to me was shuttered 6 months ago.  It's a LONG drive to the next one.


      So I tried to buy it online as the email suggested.  But you can't.  You can't even get a price.


      So I resorted to Google to find this critical "accessory" for my Nook.


      Where did I find a resonalbe price and decent shipping for the Barnes & Noble Nook HD+?


      At Amazon.com!  Are you KIDDING ME???  I hate that place but I need the cable and I need it bad so I went to your #1 competitor to keep my Nook running.


      You guys need to rethink your marketing unless your goal is to drive away Nook customers.