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    Kindle ebook costs much less!

      What gives? I thought B&N tried to keep even with Amazon, but the White Fire kindle ebook is only $6.49 compared to $11.99 for the nook book. With the kindle app on my ipad, I may have to go with the kindle ebook, even though I much prefer my nook color or my nook app on the iPad. Shame on you B&N!
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          Shame on B&N, really?  What have they done that's so terrible they should feel ashamed?


          While B&N does appear to TRY and keep up with Amazon, they don't constantly monitor every title on Amazon and adjust prices to match and sometimes it's just not worth it to lose money on titles that Amazon is dropping below cost.

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            Of the last 50 (or so eBooks that I've bought),   Amazon has been consistently lower price, often significantly so.  


            I'd rather purchase from B&N, but they have to be priced somewhat competitively.


            I use luzme.com to compare eBook prices before I buy.



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                Amazon is a loss leader.  Nothing new here.



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                    Don't know which books you buy. I have over 500 books and the ones I check are egual to and some less than Amazon. But unless a subject comes up here I usually don't bother to look. I like my NOOK and I would prefer to support B&N. If you want their cheap books and their Kindle machines  go for it.


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                    Thanks for the pointer to luzme.com. I, too, prefer to buy from B&N since I'm a diehard nook lover. This is the first time I've ever complained about price, and only because it was rather significant
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                        Another "boo hoo, Amazon is cheaper" post. I don't understand why people don't understand that Amazon is a corporate conglomerate that can do what they want with book prices and tell the publishers to stuff it is they don't like it. They discount some titles to get you to buy others at full price. As Merc said, loss leader. I support an independent bookseller like B&N, big as it is, because if I don't, then eventually I'll have to get all my books from Amazon. If that's the world you want to live in, keep posting these pointless complaints. I will go to the public library they day that happens.

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                            I think your response to my post is a bit over the top for the simple post I intended. I know Amazon is a loss leader and they can afford to sell some books for less. I am one of the most loyal nook and B&N fans around! We book lovers need them to stay in business and I think trying to be competitive is part of what they must do. Hence my post. I've never bought a book from Amazon, even though I downloaded their kindle app and I really don't want to. Unfortunately my state downloadable library doesn't have the book I want, so I may just have to this time sine the difference in price is as much as another book.