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        Lizzyland wrote:

        I thought I was the only one to get, as I called it, a possessed nookcolor.


        haha. That's exactly what I thought, too. Did yours also keep bringing up the keyboard and self-typing, "666"? :smileysurprised:

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          if your touchscreen is freaking out, make sure you wipe your screen... It's sensitive to finger prints... ( FYI: sensitive to heat also)


          - If this doesn't work, yeah go ahead and perform erase and restore factory settings ( you can find this under device info)


          -if this doesn't work.. then perform a factory fallback on the device--- hold the power button and the horse shoe button below the nookclor at the same time for 15-20 seconds and turn it on again..


          if it still doesn't work, then go ahead and have it replaced

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            ok i'm glad i'm not the only one having this problem  hope they fix it soon

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               Yeah it's a nice product...BUT I call and say it's totally unusable when plugged in and the guy tells me that's "normal" (his words) until they come up with some software update in the next couple of months??? I was like what????  I'm an electrical engineering student and I’m thinking charging circuit (hardware problem)….?


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                I had this problem, too.  I read in another thread that a user was advised to clean off the screen and turn the power off.  It's worked fine ever since.



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                  I had a problem when the “Nook” charger was plugged in, the screen would become over sensitive “Freaked out Screen”. It made the Nook impossible to use while plugged in. I called tech support and they first had me restore the Nook to factory settings which did not solve the issue. I found out some of the chargers or cables cause electronic vibrations in the touch screen and they will send you out a new one. I went to the B&N store and they gave me new one to try and it corrected the problem. Also, remember to keep the screen clean. One side note, the orange “N” finally turns green when fully charged.

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                    I don't have a NC yet. But I actually think this may not be B & N fault but a problem with the Android OS itself. I have a Droid Incredible phone and does the same thing. All of a sudden will just randomly scroll and jump around. 


                    In searching for some remedies I've see several Droid forums reporting the same thing with other phones. Something with Android 2.1+ it seems.

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                      I just got my 2nd NC, the first one wouldn't hold a charge.  I was reading and the screen started to dim and would flash back to its original color and this would go on and off several times.  Then all of a sudden the screen went white and then shut off, came on, and went back 25 chapters.  I guess I'll have to take it back and get a Kindle instead.  Too many bugs with the NC and I shouldn't have to play with it to get it to work.

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                        My NOOKcolor seems possessed!  I've had this issue with many different books--pages turning by themselves, menus popping up, etc.  Today, I even "bought" a book I didn't want without realizing it or even looking at the book's details--I happen to see it in my library later in the day (hope I get a refund :smileyhappy:  Restarting seems to help, but is very irritating.  Now I've password protected my purchases--which I now highly recommend due to this "freak out" issue.


                        bn.com is also very slow and/or unresponsive--I haven't been able to access my "ebook library" all day.


                        I hope Barnes & Noble can figure out the fixes for these issues soon!

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                          I have gotten this a few times.  It seems to do it to me when it is  cold.  If I turn it on in the early morning and try to use it right away it will do the full freak out.  My house is set at 65 during the night.

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                            My CN is possessed as well. Started a couple days ago. Happens on different books and unplugged. Screen has been cleaned. I'm just holding it in my hand flat and the nook flips pages or highlights words definitions. No change in temperature. No breathing on it. So far the temporary fix is to push the power button to sleep mode and turn it right back on. Last time however, the nook worked correctly only for a few minutes before acting up again. Is there a better way to clean the oil off the screen then just a damp anti-static cloth. Anyone tried breaking the rule before returning the Nook and using alcohol to clean it and see if that clears up the problem. My current on-going major issues: 1) Screen going crazy. 2) Poor PDF support. Unit is going back for a full refund around the 15th if I don't hear some good news.
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                              Atomant wrote:
                              Anyone tried breaking the rule before returning the Nook and using alcohol to clean it and see if that clears up the problem. 


                              I would not suggest using alcohol or any other liquid other than water on a damp cloth to clean the screen.  This is pretty standard with all current devices and you could damage the screen (and possibly void your warranty, although I'm not exactly sure on that).


                              You may try getting a protective cover, this may help with some of your capacitive screen issue.  They're a bit more durable than the glass on the screen and allow you to remove them if they get too bad.



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                                I have had some experience with the Nook Color screen freaking out that I can share.


                                My Nook has been very good and I've had no problems except when I read in an environment of very high (extreme) humidity the color Nook can freak out.  It has happened to me three times now so I can definitely say it has something to do with condensation.  This last time I was very careful to make sure my fingers were not wet but it still freaked out. 


                                The fix everytime was to shut the Nook off and move the Nook into a dry area.  Once I got really worried because it was so freaked out it wouldn't shut down and I thought I might have to take the battery out and then I remembered you couldn't take the battery out but it finally shut down.


                                Once in a dry area it always started working correctly again.


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                                  I have this problem as well.  I turn it off and back on which works for awhile. I deregistered and that worked for a few days.  Very frustating !!  Thank goodness I still have my old nook to go to, when I'm stuck in a good book and it goes crazy it drives me nuts.

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                                    I bought my wife her NC for Xmas and NEVER had an issue. We have also been running the 1.1.0 software for some time so there are no significant changes goin on. The issue you describe has been intermittent. More significant in the cool mornings, less likely to occur in the afternoon until today. Now it happened twice and both times required a reboot-and-wait period. Normally it was just clicking the middle button that stopped it.


                                     I do trouble-shooting of hardware/software systems for a living and to me this "effect" that we see is a software runaway condition brought upon by a marginal hardware input. The way I see the Wife's system is that the hardware is fading, causing the issue more frequently and more severely. That's why some people replace their Nooks and its all better, and some just have the same problem. Either way, it seems that the problem will creep back in until they stabilize the hardware or put an smarter input filtering cap on the software.


                                     One more thing, a lot of folks mention the "left side" of the device. We note it on that side also, although my wife is left-handed :smileywink:




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