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    What would you do on an ISLAND OF SECRETS?

      What if you received a note of warning dated hundreds of years before you were born?  What if it was addressed to you?


      I'm very excited to announce that my Novel, ISLAND OF SECRETS is finally available for the NOOK. 


      A Time Travel-

      A Love Story filled with Suspense-

      A Mystery that will keep you guessing til the end...


      On An Island of Secrets
      One woman, two men and a love that transcends time get a second chance to prevent history from repeating itself. But will love be enough to win the battle against time and stop the force that’s kept them apart for centuries?

      SHANE ALEXANDER has realized he should never have allowed his ex-girlfriend to spend her honeymoon on his island, but he never dreamed she’d run to the tabloids and blab about seeing ghosts. With the future of Leigh Island in danger, he devises a plan to dispel her claims and unknowingly sets in motion events that bring him face to face with a past that not only threatens his future but his life.

      After breaking off her engagement, LILA FITZPATRICK wants a new beginning, but when she agrees to help her roommate by pretending to be a reporter, the last thing she expects to find is the man of her dreams. The question is what will he do when he finds out who she really is?

      Thank you so much for allowing me to share...

      Tammie Clarke Gibbs


      Island of Secrets