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    Nook Color wont connect to MI424WR

      My parents have a NST and a Nook Color and when they were updated in the fall they were no longer able to connect to the FioS MI424WR router.  Using the FiOS workaround on the NST board, we were able to get the nook connected to the router. 


      However, when my dad tries to find the wifi mac address on the nook color it says unavailable.  Any suggestions?  My mom needs to be able to connect to wifi in the house.



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          If the wifi mac address is displayed as unavailable, it strongly suggests a real problem with the NC.


          I would start by doing an erase and deregister at a BN or some other place where wifi is known to work, so you can re-register immediately. I would want to do a complete install, either from scratch (8 failed boots) or from an SD card image if the MAC address still wasn't visible in the device info page after trying the erase and deregister.


          An advantage to doing this at BN is that if the wifi is really mucked up, the Nook folks there will be able to see that for themselves and help set up the return.