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    How many peolple use GAPPS, Cyanogenmod, N2A etc

      And which would you recommend..?

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          I've used all 3. My NC is running Cyanogenmod but started with N2A which I quickly ditched. My HD+ is running Gapps.


          N2A is the simplest to install, you just put an sd card into your device. However, it is least convenient to use as you have to constantly reboot to switch between the two OS. If you never use the stock side at all...you should have just bought an android tablet to start with. The Nook app is not even close to the reading experience of the Stock reader.


          The other 2 install in the same way and in fact, I have both on the same sd card that I used to install them.

          To switch between stock and android interface, you simply hit the N button and choose. I can see why people are timid to try this. They don't want to void their warranty, it sounds complicated and intimidating, what if you brick your device..etc....I just read and reread the instructions until I was sure I had the basic steps down and then waited a bit more to get the nerve up to do it...and 15 minutes later it was done. Gapps is installed whether you root or don't root.


          Whether you root or just install Gapps is a personal opinion. You will get the full android experience by rooting plus Gapps. If you just want Gapps for a few apps that you can't live without, but you've waited and waited and they still aren't in the Nook Store, then just installing Gapps should be enough. I have noticed a difference in performance betwen the two such as some apps won't install unless you are rooted.  Root seemed faster and more responsive than just using Gapps. The interface would be the same depending on what launcher you installed. Zeam seems to be the choice of the developers as it has always been the one that installed when I did it.


          I first rooted, then when decided maybe just Gapps. Gapps is fine right now for me. I'm not into the whole Android experience, I'm mainly a reader and I rarely even watch movies on my device, usually use it to watch instructional videos and to store my reading and reference library so it's always right there at my fingertips and I don't have to search my bookshelves for them. I installed Gapps mainly for the Calibre companion app that I deem to be one of the most important apps needed for anyone who uses their device as a reader. It solves so many issues on the devices and I refuse to suffer without it. And having been a Nook user since day 1, I know what life is like without it and it would be suffering to not have CC.


          It mainly comes down to personal choice. If you willing to put up with the hassle of having to reboot all the time to avoid rooting, then the N2A and other cards like it are the better choice for you. Since you can make your own card and avoid the expense, I'm assuming people purchase the cards instead so they don't have to deal with making them.


          If you are someone willing to learn how to make your own N2A card..then you might as well take the plunge and just root, you'll be a lot happier and it doesn't take that much more effort. I'm actually surprised that people aren't making the rooting sd cards for sale so people can root without the hassle of making the cards. :smileyhappy: But...that requires reading instructions and lots of people don't always do that. :smileyhappy:

          However, they CAN pop an sd card in and out of their device.


          To root or just use Gapps...Just Gapps is a nice introduction to what you'd get with rooting. If you liked it but found you needed more, then you could still root. You'd have the basics down so rooting should no longer be scary, just adding a few more files to the sd card you made and installing them, depending on what type of root you decided on. I've heard there is a hybrid method but I haven't tried that so can't tell you how it works.



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            I have only used N2A, so I can't make a recommendation, but here's my experience.


            I bought N2A for my NC and used the Android OS for all my productivity/office stuff.  Switching OS is incredibly easy on NC and I love having my books, my library in a separate OS--I think the NOOK side is far superior for reading.  


            Bought an HD+ for magazines, and probably movies later on, with plans to install N2A with Eye-Fi (Eye-Fi card in camera creates its own hotspot and seamlessly downloads recent pix  to mobile device without connecting cables). I bought my own SD card this time and chose the option to download the N2A image and write it to the card I had puschased. Not a bad experience, but I would opt for buying the preloaded card from N2A next time. Somehow, I just don't feel the OS on the card I created is stable.   Following suggestions from this board and the N2A board, I installed the QuickBoot app so that I could boot into the NOOK OS without taking out the N2A card.  I don't like this nearly as well as the "dual boot" option on my NC. It works about 60% of the time, but again, I'm not sure that the OS installation on my card is stable.    


            I had to set everything up quickly before a trip and didn't have time to work out kinks with either N2A or Eye-Fi.  With only moderate hassle, the Eye-Fi set-up on the HD+ (possible only with N2A) worked well during the trip, but I was a bit afraid to keep switching between OS, so I didn't get to read as much as I had planned. :smileysad:  Now that I have time to work with the N2A, I plan to erase and reimage my SD and reinstall the Eye-Fi. 

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              Here is my humble opinion and experience. I was so frustrated with the apps and slow updates that I took the advice given on xda and burned a card that installed gapps , voice and allows unknown sources so I can install most apps on my hd+. I love it. It does have its downsides but I have all all my BN apps, magazines, and books and I can access all the other apps out there with a few exceptions. I am not rooted though only because the advice said that some apps installed to the system will reset everything. As roustabout mentioned I do notice the system lags a bit but I like that I can just hit the n button (or I installed a and app that runs in the notification bar and allows me to select the launcher I want) and choose to go to stock or not. I also actually like the gray bar at the bottom too because I can just tap it and get to all my bn apps quickly. To me it is as close to the best of both worlds I can get for now.
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                The XDA-dev solution is pretty much impossible to follow through on. There are soooo many ways it can go wrong and they write on the assumption that everyone is as into it as they are, so stuff is obvious to them that just doesn't make sense to me.

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                    penname2 wrote:

                    The XDA-dev solution is pretty much impossible to follow through on. There are soooo many ways it can go wrong and they write on the assumption that everyone is as into it as they are, so stuff is obvious to them that just doesn't make sense to me.

                    I understand where you are coming from. They don't talk in language the newbie can quickly understand so it can be extremely overwhelming. Also, when you enter a discussion about rooting, the only real pertinent message is the first one that is updated as fixes are made, etc. The rest of the posts are usually made as problems are found as the method is developed or suggestions on how to make it work better. Much how it would be here if BN actually interacted with us as we posted problems, etc with the Nook updates. However, having gone through the birth pangs of the NE1, the NC and the HD+, the xda fixes are usually available much sooner than BN gets around to them and actually address the problems posted. :smileyhappy:


                    When I first rooted my NE1, it took me awhile to figure things out and I had had it for almost 2 years  Iefore I got up the nerve to do it. I think I had my NC by then so I wasn't as afraid of bricking my NE1.


                    I just asked questions of rooted nook owners here in the BN forums to help me figure out what the heck they were talking about so I could understand the instructions and what the result would be. I scheduled myself several hours that first time to root the NE1 once I felt confident enough to do it. Then I went very slowly, step by step until I got it down. I think I had to do it twice before I got it right.  Now I've done it a few times, it takes me a fraction of the time to do it now.


                    I remember the first time I saw a computer and there was a keyboard in front of it and I had no idea what to do with it. :smileyhappy: And there was a time I did not know what an OS or LAN was. I once did not know the difference between memory and space on my 40 Meg hard drive, a time when I was overwhelmed by Windows and thought of it as a virus on my Dos machine. A time I could never have found my way on my own to the BN forums because I had no idea how to find it if there was no big button on the top of the screen to point me there. A time I had to have someone else replace the power supply on my ancient used 386 Dell before I learned to build my own computer (because I was poor and couldn't afford to buy one already put together.) It did help that at the time I was much younger and prettier (as opposed to older and wrinkly) so I was able to enlist my nerdy guy friends to tell me step by step what I needed to buy at the Dell outlet as I could afford it and then later tell me how to put it together. They did not help me put it together, but insisted i needed to learn how to do it myself and I'm forever grateful for that.


                    Like anything else, you pick up the lingo through exposure and asking questions and as you understand THAT, it starts making sense to you. It is very empowering. :smileyhappy:

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                    I rooted one of my nooks in to a tablet and its great. I used an android for nook micro sd from there website. The only bad thing is to get back in to the nook os you have to take out the card and repower on. It also uses alot more battery on full android mode.