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    where did you buy your HD+?

      I know some people are still waiting for theirs to arrive. Being impatient for my local B & N to get their stock in, I found Target had them in stock plus I got the 5% discount with my red card. Now to find the anti glare screen protectors and cover. Do I splurge on another Oberon like my NC?
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          Hi SueK315,


          Good sleuthing on your part! There are accessories, but only empty stands for HD/HD+s in my store as well - maybe sold the display models too. Cover is a must for this thing. I recommend the Groovy Stand versions (presently online store only offers in Crimson, but there are other colors including "Smoke," aka black). Smooth matte finish, actually works in promoted typing/reading stand configurations and has a nice instant sleep/awake feature when closing or opening the cover. Neat idea, but nothing flashy. Still, of course, it's not cheap - 39.95 - which however is on the low-end of the cover price range. Hope you enjoy it.

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            I was on the waiting list at 2 different B&Ns but was hearing I probably wouldn't be called till next week. So on Tuesday I went ahead and ordered one online from Best Buy. Their expected delivery date was 11/9-11/14 so I expected it to be closer to the 14th. To my surprise, it was delivered on 11/9, but unfortunately I've been out of town this weekend! My neighbor picked it up from me so when I get home tonight I'm very excited to get it.

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              I walked into the Burlington MA B&N and got a 16gb HD+ Friday night.  They had plenty in stock at the time.

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                I was lucky enough to snag one at the local B&N the first week. 


                I have an Oberon cover from my NC and thoght of getting one for the HD+.  They aren't out yet, and in the end, I opted for the 360 cover from B&N.  Reason: mostly that the Oberon covers--as stunning as they are--are heavy.  Given that one of the festures of the HD+ is how light it is, it didn't make sense (to me--YMMV) to add more weight.  I do find it a bit more fatiguing to hold than the NC as it is. 


                I got the antiglare screen cover and screwed up putting them on.  It's a lot of real estate to cover.  Even thogh I cleaned the screen obsessively well, did it in a place where I wouldn't expect a lot of dust, both times, something got in under the protector.  When I tried to peel it back to try to pick it off with a tiny tweezer, more dust got in.  Grrr...Obvisouly MY fault.  I have it on my NC (the person at B&N put it on) and I love it, but I'm not sure I want to risk another $22 on another set. 

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                  I purchased mine at my local B&N store (Columbus, Ohio).  I also purchased a 360 cover in red.  It's a great bundle.



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                      I got my HD+ at my local B&N on November 3rd.  I was in the store the day they announced the new HD and HD+ and my wife and I both got on the waiting list.  She turned hers down, I know I told her, but she wouldn't listen.  She wants one that is not tied to B&N or someone (Amazon or that Apple brand) else.  Her loss.


                      I also got anti glare screen protector, 360 cover and a stylus.  I only got a couple of bubbles under the screen protector.  I like the cover.