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    Nook Color won't Search Nook Store & Problems Delivering Books

      Last week, I could search and buy books just fine. The last two days, however, I can see the nook store, but I can't do a search in the store (it gives me an error message and says if it keeps up to go the nook support FAQ). To test things, I purchased a book from the top 100 list on my Nook (Elizabeth Hoyt's Scandalous Desires). Got the confirmation email that it was purchased and it shows up in my nook list on the computer, but still isn't on the device. Rebooting won't solve the problem--still didn't search the store. Still won't show my recent purchase. Still can't see the "also reccomends" features of the store. 


      Anyone else have this problem? (I am running a rooted version of the original operating system.This has never given me any trouble before the last two days. All my apps still work fine.)