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    Has Anyone Gotten Paid Yet?

      where is the money
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          Yes, yesterday mine showed up in my bank account. I think a few more days is reasonable to wait before thinking anything is wrong. The "Payday" email I believe says that it can take up to five business days. You'll probably see it dropped in your account by mid next week. You should first see it show up in the "Payments" area of your sales page and usually the "Payday" email arrives first, although some publishers report that they are skipped occasionally -- they don't get the email. Might be because they have their spam block on a strong setting.


          I would wait another few business days before getting concerned.  

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            Posting the same topic twice doesn't help.


            That said ... If B&N (or anyone) send an ACH/EFT payment on Thursday, some banks will process it and have it showing on Friday. Some banks will take an extra day for it to show up and payments won't clear on a weekend so Monday. My old bank was like that - if I sent money via ACH on a Thursday it wouldn't show up till Monday but my new one *usually* shows the money in next day. Don't stress it's very likely coming.