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    VPN question if anyone can help

      I am trying to set up a VPN on my home network. I have tried on three different XP machines, and each time I can get the indication that it is awaiting incoming, but I can not connect with either an iPhone, iPad or the Nook Color. I have followed all the directions I have found on the net. Does anyone have any expertise on VPN setup?

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          Not of the kind that's too helpful here.


          I set up VPN connections using IPSEC to Cisco and Juniper hardware from time to time.  As far as I know, that's the kind of VPN connection the Android VPN client supports best, and what the Windows XP box is trying to host for you is a very different VPN, PPTP.   If you're trying to connect to it locally it ought to work (but remember that Windows isn't a particularly good firewalling and routing platform) but if you're trying to/hoping to connect to it via the internet, there are several other cans of worms to address. 


          I've gotten VPN running from the NC to one of the Cisco boxes I have access to, and from there was able to remote control a box on the far side.


          Underwhelming to say the least - the tablets make terrible remote desktop clients, at least for the work I do. 

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            My experience has been that VPN doesn't work very well on XP. I've never been able to get IPSEC to work at all with an XP client (even ones supposedly written specificallyf or XP).