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    Account still "In Review"; but everything's fine?

      My account has been in review for over a week. Each time I call, the rep tells me that my account is live and active, and that I just need to give it "another 24 hours." Well, "24 hours" has turned into a week, and I was wondering if anyone else had an excessive amount of time for their accounts to go live. I've cleared my cache on 2 browsers and also tried logging in from my iPad and also my husband's computer. I feel like an idiot calling support repeatedly, but this isn't helping me sell any of my books.

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          According to an email from Pubit!, my account was approved on 6/2. They state that something has gone wrong and they've escalated my issue to their IT department.


          Ten days later, my account is STILL "in review" and I've heard nothing back. Each time I actually get someone on the 800# they just say, "Oh, give it a few days." It's been over 2 weeks since I created my account.


          Has anyone been in limbo for this long, or had their account escalated to IT? This is unbelievable.

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              I have been waiting for 5 weeks now, so no, they don't know when the books will get up for sale. I used to go through Smashwords, but it had taken 9 months for my first book to get up for sale on B&N. 9 months is soooo bad that I thought it should be so much better to get on B&N directly, especially since I have more than 20 books to still get up for sale here. After 5 weeks, I am starting to wonder if it wasn't Smashwords at all, but B&N that is freaking slow.


              If they don't start getting better in turn around time, B&N may follow the fate of Borders with a bankruptcy and lost store locations.


              Wish I knew what to do to speed this up. I have customers who are wondering what my problem is and why their books are for sale on B&N yet. I will be checking on here to see when someone has luck in getting through. Good luck.