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    Previously bought ebooks

      I currently own a nook (and love it!) and have ordered the nookcolor tablet.


      Will I be able to download the ebooks I've purchased for my nook to my new nookcolor when it arrives, assuming I keep the same account information and credit card?


      I sure hope so!


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          NOOKbooks purchased via your account and viewable on NOOK will be downloadable onto NOOKcolor also as long as the same account information is maintained.


          Sideloaded content would also have to be sideloaded onto NOOKcolor.

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              Great, you've just made my day!


              I don't know why it matters so much, but I just hate to think I'd wasted money if I couldn't put them on my new nookcolor tablet.


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                Just want to make sure I understand.  I run a library that has Nooks and I'm considering writing a grant for Nook Colors.  Devices registered to the same account should be able to open any e-books purchased from B&N whether they are Nook or Nook Color, is that what I'm understanding?  I was told differently at a store tonight.  I personally have a Nook, but might be interested in a Nook Color eventually so the question is interesting on several levels.  Thank you. 

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                    As long as both devices support the file format, they'll be fine.  That works for standard epubs.  Probably won't work for the new kids content (like the read-to-me and interactive kids books) - they'll probably be just NOOKcolor only.  But all epubs that you've purchased on the NOOK will work on the NOOKColor.