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    Hardy Boys Mystery Stories Series

      Has anyone read this series in e-book?  I'm trying to figure out if it is the original revision or the one that was completed in 1959.  The sample does not provide enough content to be sure  The book info below is also not helping me figure this out since the cover art is the 1959 revision though it says the publish date is 1927.  Yes -- I also sent an e-mail to the Penguin Group and am awaiting their reply also.


      • Pub. Date: June 1927
      • Publisher: Penguin Group US
      • Format: eBook, 192pp
      • Sales Rank: 352,076
      • Series: Hardy Boys Series , #1
      • ISBN: 1440673152


      The Tower Treasure (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories Series #1) 


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          I suspect it's the revised text since I bought the first Nancy Drew and that one is definitely revised even though the decription in the book listing is clearly describing the Applewood reprint which had the original text.  The Nancy Drew also came with the illustrations from the revised text, which is kind of fun.