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    Knife of Dreams Available for Pre-Order

      This month's Wheel of Time release, Knife of Dreams, is available for pre-order:



      Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time Series #11)



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          Easily my favorite cover of the new ebook releases.


          (Sort of) On the subject of Wheel of Time, there still isn't a pre-order for the ebook of Way of Kings, Sanderson's new book, anywhere except Amazon. I really hope there's going to be an epub version available.

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              There's a real problem at B&N with pre-orders, and I can't imagine what causes it.


              It's great that Knife of Dreams is available -- previous volumes weren't available for pre-order at all -- but we're only four days from release.  The entire series has been available for pre-order on Amazon since the release dates were announced.  I can't understand why B&N doesn't do the same.


              This holds just as true for the new Sanderson book you mention.  It's not like there was any risk involved!