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    Adding Notes to Hyper-Linked Text



      I'm developing an ePub document for the Nook. Within this document, a very large proportion of the individual words are hyper-links. However, I would still like for the user to be able to highlight and add notes to these words.


      At present, I cannot find a way to do this. My word hyper-links work fine, but if I press and hold on a word, as usual, the reader simply jumps to the link, as if I had single-touched the link. My expectation would be that touch and release triggers the link, while press and hold would highlight.


      In fact, because I'm developing for both the Kindle Touch and the Nook Simple Touch, I have both devices. After struggling with this on the Nook, I became curious and tried it on the Kindle. The Kindle handles this exactly as I just described...touch and hold highlights, single tap triggers the link.


      Is there any way to get similar behavior on the Nook?



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          Hi, Jeff. You'll probably get much better results posting this on the Pubit! Help Board. That's where the people who prepare ebooks for Nook publication hang out. Us folks up here are mainly just readers.

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            Just out of curiosity--What happens if you begin the highlighted portion with the word prior to the hyper-linked text?  Can you then include the hyper-linked text as part of the highlighted portion (perhaps ending with the word after the link)?


            If I am having problems highlighting specific words in an ebook, I don't worry so much about getting the specific beginning and ending words of a specific phrase as I do about marking the location of the information.  After I've highlighted the location, not necessarily the specific words, I can add a note.  I can  search my notes to determine the location to which I want to return.


            I don't recall ever trying to highlight hyper-linked text, but my immediate thought is why highlight and notate the link?  If the (information in) the link is the part I want to revisit, why not highlight and notate the text of the endnote (the text I find by following the link)?  Can't you highlight and add notes to endnote text?