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        Awaiting a review on that Ionic product, seems cool, but I like to have a little more information before making a purchase like that.




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          I purchased the Logitech 920-003390 Tablet Keyboard from Amazon and it paired with my HD+ (non rooted or anything like it) with no problem. The HD+ immediately "saw" the keyboard and connected within seconds.


          Now, I realize that I should have found one that had a touch pad because that is driving me batty! :smileytongue:

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            I seems like a lot of people use the tablet since it has a touch screen.  That way there is no mouse or touch pad to carry around.  You may want to try it and see if it makes sense for you.


            I was dubious at first, but it turned out to work for me.

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              The Zagg FlexKeys works great. Comes with a case that converts into a stand for the NOOK. Best Buy or Amazon.

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                I have my keyboard working! Full details below! I received the MS Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard from my husband for Christmas. Initially, I had the same issue that everyone is reporting here. The Nook HD+ could see the keyboard, but pairing would always fail. We figured out that if I typed a couple of numbers and hit enter, we could get the error pop-up saying that the pass code was incorrect. My wonderful husband, who makes his living as a programmer, had a brilliant thought: the Bluetooth Keyboard was set, out of the box, to initially require a passcode. But the Nooks don't require a passcode for keyboards. So here are the steps that we took to get it out of passcode mode and into codeless mode.


                Instructions using the Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard


                1) Paired MS Wedge Keyboard to my laptop using Bluetooth. Laptop generated a 6-digit passcode that I entered from the Wedge Keyboard.


                2) Once the keyboard was connected to my laptop, I opened up a Notepad app and typed a bit to confirm that the keyboard was fully functional.


                3) Then I was able to put the keyboard into codeless pairing mode. (On the MS Wedge you do this by holding down the Fn (function) key and pressing the Bluetooth button on the battery casing for 3-5 seconds. If you want to put the Wedge into passcode mode, you only hold down the bluetooth button for 3-5 seconds.)


                4) Hit Pair on my Nook HD+ and it connected immediately.



                I also connected a MS Bluetooth mouse that I had laying around the house. The mouse connected right away and requested a passcode. I used the newly operational Wedge to enter the standard passcode of 0000 and it worked like a charm.




                Hopefully, these instruction help anyone struggling to get a Bluetooth keyboard working with their Nook HD or HD+. You should be able to reference the instructions for whatever Bluetooth keyboard you are trying to use to find how to put it into codeless pairing mode.

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                  My BT keyboard pairs just fine, but it doesn't work. No matter what app I use or what kind of field I try to type into, nothing happens when I hit the keys. It is made by Anker, and it is compatible with android devices 3.0 and higher.
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                    Also, I am using a fully updated nook hd+
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                      I just recv'd the iconic bluetooth keyboard that is being sold on Amazon for 35.00 bucks plus 3.00 s/h. It paired perfectly with the six step instructions that came with it. The keyboard is magnetized to the case and can easily be removed. The case is not real leather but it does come with a kickstand built into the back of it. It is really nice. Just takes a little getting used to b/c it is smaller but they are all this size. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
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                        Just bought the Verbatim Ultraslim .. it will pair and thats about it! ... back to staples! Grrr


                        Has someone made a list of the ones that ACTUALLY work??

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                          atmva wrote:

                          Just bought the Verbatim Ultraslim .. it will pair and thats about it! ... back to staples! Grrr


                          Has someone made a list of the ones that ACTUALLY work??

                          there are several suggestions in the thread above where people say they pair and work. My zagg works fine.

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                            I purchased the Poetic keyboard and HD+ cover from Amazon for about $24. I followed a six step set up procedure and had the keyboard and nook paired in less than a minute. The cover looks great on the nook so I'm very happy with this purchase. 

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                              I'm using a Zagg Keyboard. It works really well. I was surprised that even some of the function keys for volume control and search seem to work just fine.


                              I have tried to get a Microsoft Mouse to work as well, but no luck. It doesn't even see the device. I don't have any other bluetooth devices to test it with, so I'm not sure if the device just isn't working or if there is some sort of conflict with the keyboard.


                              If anyone has sucessfully gotten both a keyboard AND a mouse to work at the same time, I would be interested to know how you managed to do it. The mouse I am trying to use is a Microsoft 5000 Bluetooth.



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                                saw that as well. ordered it after i tool the last one back to staples.  hopefully it will function equally as well with the HD.




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                                  @gchermes, as I posted previously in this same thread, I am using an MS Wedge keyboard and an MS BT 5000 mouse simultaneously. I had to fiddle with the Wedge keyboard to get it to pair (you can find my instructions further up the thread), but my BT 5000 mouse paired right away first try. The mouse always pairs automagically now as does the keyboard, regardless of whether the other is connected or not.

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                                    I bought a keyboard and I've tried to pair it..and it shows up I go through the steps to pair it, I put in the key code that they want and it works my nook says it is paired but when I try to type on it nothing will come up. Can someone please tell me if they've had the same problem and how to fix it?

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