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    Bluetooth Keyboards

      I recently purchased a Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard and tried to pair it with my nook hd + but so far while it can see my keyboard it says its unable to pair with it.  Is anyone else having any luck with getting a keyboard to work?

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          Do you know if it has a HID profile/setting? I have read that it needs this for a bluetooth keyboard to work with the nook hds.
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              I'm seeing the same thing -- Logitech K810 is found, but can't pair.

              The K810 does have an HID profile -- as expected since is a brand new model.

              No problems pairing with an ASUS TF700 tablet -- but noticed it did ask for a 6 digit pin instead of the usual 4.

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              I bought the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Android 3.0+ and it works perfect.  I'm not familiar with the Logitech you are using, but does it support Android or is it Windows/Apple only?  If so that could be why it isn't pairing correctly.

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                I had the same problem with SONY BT headphones, wouldn't pair but the HD+ "sees" the device. I kept clicking where you make the device "visible" and it would time out every time without pairing. On the screen where you see the device listed, click on the device then it will pair. Godd luck.
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                  I just bought a Nook HD+ after seeing it in the store and falling in love with the display and format -- and AFTER checking to see if it had BT HID profile. I'm dismayed to find that it won't pair with either the K810 or the MS Wedge BT keyboard. Both work great with my Nexus 7. I've never had a Nook before, just kindle and the Nexus. Want the bigger format for writing so if the Nook won't pair then this is a dealbreaker. Looks as if I'll have to return it and get a kindle HD 9 or a Nexus 10, despite their higher weight, price, and lack of micro sd memory slot. Drat!
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                      For writing (unless you need a illuminated keyboard), check out the earlier Logitech MediaBoard Pro keyboard --it pairs fine and has a touchpad that works with the Nook HD+. Lot easier to use the touchpad for positioning the cursor then tapping on the screen.
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                        Dragfree, what do you mean by this:


                        I'm dismayed to find that it won't pair with either the K810 or the MS Wedge BT keyboard.




                        My Nook HD+ is pairing wtih devices fine via Bluetooth.


                        Did it not find the devices? not pair with them? not work after pairing?


                        Which was it.

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                        Are these keyboards working with a non-rooted/dual booted HD?


                        I just called B&N Support, and 'officially' no external keyboard support.


                        I've read that NC will support a bluetooth on a rooted/N2A booting Color.


                        The keyboard is becoming the make-or-break between upgrading to another Nook (which I've been overall happy with) vs Nexus 7.

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                            No official support normally means BN is not certifying or providing customer service. This means the burden for  supporting these devices falls completely on the keyboard maker or supplier.  This means it is a try it and see iif it works unless seller states it is compatible. It is almost a certainity that some will work, in fact posters have mentioned a couple that will.

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                                I purchased the Logitech 920-003390 Tablet Keyboard from Amazon and it paired with my HD+ (non rooted or anything like it) with no problem. The HD+ immediately "saw" the keyboard and connected within seconds.


                                Now, I realize that I should have found one that had a touch pad because that is driving me batty! :smileytongue:

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                                    I seems like a lot of people use the tablet since it has a touch screen.  That way there is no mouse or touch pad to carry around.  You may want to try it and see if it makes sense for you.


                                    I was dubious at first, but it turned out to work for me.

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                                I bought a Logitech today and it wouldn't pair. I took it back and they (Office Depot) tried to get it to work and it wouldn't. They test a Targus in the store and it works great.  

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                                  The Zagg FlexKeys works great. Comes with a case that converts into a stand for the NOOK. Best Buy or Amazon.

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                                    I have my keyboard working! Full details below! I received the MS Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard from my husband for Christmas. Initially, I had the same issue that everyone is reporting here. The Nook HD+ could see the keyboard, but pairing would always fail. We figured out that if I typed a couple of numbers and hit enter, we could get the error pop-up saying that the pass code was incorrect. My wonderful husband, who makes his living as a programmer, had a brilliant thought: the Bluetooth Keyboard was set, out of the box, to initially require a passcode. But the Nooks don't require a passcode for keyboards. So here are the steps that we took to get it out of passcode mode and into codeless mode.


                                    Instructions using the Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard


                                    1) Paired MS Wedge Keyboard to my laptop using Bluetooth. Laptop generated a 6-digit passcode that I entered from the Wedge Keyboard.


                                    2) Once the keyboard was connected to my laptop, I opened up a Notepad app and typed a bit to confirm that the keyboard was fully functional.


                                    3) Then I was able to put the keyboard into codeless pairing mode. (On the MS Wedge you do this by holding down the Fn (function) key and pressing the Bluetooth button on the battery casing for 3-5 seconds. If you want to put the Wedge into passcode mode, you only hold down the bluetooth button for 3-5 seconds.)


                                    4) Hit Pair on my Nook HD+ and it connected immediately.



                                    I also connected a MS Bluetooth mouse that I had laying around the house. The mouse connected right away and requested a passcode. I used the newly operational Wedge to enter the standard passcode of 0000 and it worked like a charm.




                                    Hopefully, these instruction help anyone struggling to get a Bluetooth keyboard working with their Nook HD or HD+. You should be able to reference the instructions for whatever Bluetooth keyboard you are trying to use to find how to put it into codeless pairing mode.

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                                        Also: SANOXY Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad;  from Amazon worked just fine on my new HD, without disabling the pass code.


                                        What I have trouble with is the: Mini Wireless Bluetooth Computer Desktop Notebook Laptop PC Optical Mice Mouse - BTM-101; from Amazon


                                        It found it but would not connect even with its 0000 pass code.

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                                        My BT keyboard pairs just fine, but it doesn't work. No matter what app I use or what kind of field I try to type into, nothing happens when I hit the keys. It is made by Anker, and it is compatible with android devices 3.0 and higher.
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                                          I just recv'd the iconic bluetooth keyboard that is being sold on Amazon for 35.00 bucks plus 3.00 s/h. It paired perfectly with the six step instructions that came with it. The keyboard is magnetized to the case and can easily be removed. The case is not real leather but it does come with a kickstand built into the back of it. It is really nice. Just takes a little getting used to b/c it is smaller but they are all this size. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
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                                            Just bought the Verbatim Ultraslim .. it will pair and thats about it! ... back to staples! Grrr


                                            Has someone made a list of the ones that ACTUALLY work??

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                                              I purchased the Poetic keyboard and HD+ cover from Amazon for about $24. I followed a six step set up procedure and had the keyboard and nook paired in less than a minute. The cover looks great on the nook so I'm very happy with this purchase. 

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                                                  I'm using a Zagg Keyboard. It works really well. I was surprised that even some of the function keys for volume control and search seem to work just fine.


                                                  I have tried to get a Microsoft Mouse to work as well, but no luck. It doesn't even see the device. I don't have any other bluetooth devices to test it with, so I'm not sure if the device just isn't working or if there is some sort of conflict with the keyboard.


                                                  If anyone has sucessfully gotten both a keyboard AND a mouse to work at the same time, I would be interested to know how you managed to do it. The mouse I am trying to use is a Microsoft 5000 Bluetooth.



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                                                      @gchermes, as I posted previously in this same thread, I am using an MS Wedge keyboard and an MS BT 5000 mouse simultaneously. I had to fiddle with the Wedge keyboard to get it to pair (you can find my instructions further up the thread), but my BT 5000 mouse paired right away first try. The mouse always pairs automagically now as does the keyboard, regardless of whether the other is connected or not.

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                                                      saw that as well. ordered it after i tool the last one back to staples.  hopefully it will function equally as well with the HD.




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                                                        i bought one also but cannot get it to work! driving me nuts!!

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                                                        I bought a keyboard and I've tried to pair it..and it shows up I go through the steps to pair it, I put in the key code that they want and it works my nook says it is paired but when I try to type on it nothing will come up. Can someone please tell me if they've had the same problem and how to fix it?

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                                                          I purchased a ZAGG keyboard from Target and it paired immediately. No issues what-so-ever. I stopped into a Barnes and Noble store and no one seemed to know what keyboards were good for the nook - this seems like a fairly common question to me - I think the nook needs to get up to speed with all the other tablets. It's too bad. I love my nook and won't change for a while since I just got it as a gift recently, but I think when I'm in the market for another tablet, I'll go somewhere else.
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                                                            Just wanted to share my experience with finding a wirless keyboard for my Nook HD+


                                                            Based on Consumer Reports' tests and test driving other tablets, I purchased a Nook HD+ last month (March 2013), and after reading community advice and our company's IT tech's advice, went to BestBuy to test Logitech & Zagg.  Logitech didn't pair and Zagg wasn't available. 

                                                            Drove straight to Target and asked them to help me pair keyboards - they opened Belkin's "Universal Wireless Keyboard with iPad shortcut keys" and turned it on.  It paired immediately and I was able to type on the keyboard and it showed up immediately on the tablet.  Since it was light and more compact than the Zagg, I bought it!  :smileyhappy:

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                                                              ACKKK! (Sorry for shouting)  Trying to pair with my Nook HD+


                                                              Purchased a Targus keyboard.  Paired no problem after displaying pin code correctly.  But hated it because Targus put the Delete key where Backspace _should_ be, and then put Backspace out of reach for a touch typist at far upper right corner.  


                                                              Purchased two Logitech Tablet keyboards.  Son paired Logitech keyboard with Nexus 7 in seconds.  Nook HD+ has shown various "can't pair" or "wrong pin/passkey" if I guess 0000, 1111, or 1234.  Keyboard tests successful when paired with Nexus 7.


                                                              Keyboard does not have a codeless pairing mode, apparently (or I can't find it on Logitech site.)  And Nook HD+ doesn't give any clue about why it's not displaying the PIN so I can enter it correctly.  Hope someone can identify a solid fix.  I love the feel of the keyboard, but if it doesn't work, it's going back.

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                                                                I had the same issues as most, then using the advice above, I went to Staples, bought the ADESSO Compagno 2 keyboard, and it not only synced right up, it types beautifully. Box says IPAD 3rd Generation, and the back says it's Android 3.0 and above.


                                                                Bottom Line, some keyboards work others don't..DO NOT GIVE UP, there ARE keyboards that function with the Nook HD+.


                                                                (by the way, I also had them try the TARGUS keyboard above, but turned it down on size and lack of sleeve or cover....the  ADESSO came with a keyboard/Standup leather folio).

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                                                                  Solved this same problem by turning Logitech keyboard over, pressing "connect" button.  (Found solution at Logitech help blog).  

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                                                                    Press "control" button under keyboard!
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                                                                      Had the same problem. At least I realized I was not crazy when I read everyone's comments. I returned the Logitech keyboard and went to Target, where I purchased a General Electric universal keyboard for half the price. Tried it out in the car right away, and it paired. 

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                                                                          Suby88, would you mind sharing the model number of the GE keyboard? I can't find any wireless GE keyboard on Target's website. And what was the price?  Thanks in advance.


                                                                          EDIT: Never mind. I found it. Thanks for the heads up that that model works.

                                                                        • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that work with Nook HD

                                                                          I can vouch after using both that Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse and Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard both work BEAUTIFULLY with my Nook HD running 2.1.0.

                                                                          Vey little lag, feels great to work with, easy set up and just overall good experience. Highly recommend them for the Nook HD.


                                                                          Stay away from Logitech.


                                                                          And as a few posters mentioned, do tuen the keyboard to codelesss pairing before attempting to use it.

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                                                                            I'm using the Targus AKB33US keyboard. Had no problems pairing it with the HD+. It's a good keyboard for those of us with big hands. It has full size keys, but is only about 2" wider than the HD+.
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                                                                                The  bluetooth keyboard that HP made for the WebOS HP Touchpad works with the HD+.  It's a full-sized keyboard with really good feel.  It is a bit under 2" longer than the HD+.  So far, it's paired up with every device that I've tried with it.


                                                                                They are still available at Amazon for $40.

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                                                                                I had the same broblem with pairing Nook HD and Logitech k810.

                                                                                I downloaded 'BlueInput Demo' from Google Play Store. It paired me to the Logitech k810 and It works! I am now able to use the k810 with my Nook HD.


                                                                                You can use 'BlueInput Demo' for like 16 days, if you want to continue using it you have to purchase a license key.


                                                                                Then only thing I didn't like was that there is not an option to purchase the key through Google play.

                                                                                I had to use Pay-Pal to purchase it through the developers site(Teksoft).


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                                                                                  The first Ionic case/keyboard had keys falling off so it was returned.  I order another (both from Amazon via CrazyonDigital and seems to be of good quality, but will not work.  It pairs easily and can recognize the code when typing on keyboard, but will not work.  I guess I have to return this one too.

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                                                                                    OK, as I just said in a previous post, I just (2 weeks ago) purchased the Ionic Bluetooth Case and Keyboard from Amazon.com for my Nook HD+.


                                                                                    Here is my list of positives and negitives:



                                                                                    √ Very attractive case and keyboard.

                                                                                    √ Attractive kick-stand.

                                                                                    √ Easy to pair, if you read the instructions.

                                                                                    √ Battery lasts 72 hours. (I don't know if it actually lasts that long, but I've only charged it twice so far.)

                                                                                    √ Hybernation / Sleep mode to save battery.

                                                                                    √ Case fit's like a glove. Tablet does not "slosh around" inside the case, stretching it.

                                                                                    √ Magnets in the case and keyboard activate and de-activate the HD+'s 'sleep mode', turning off the screen when you close the case, and turning it back on when you open the case.

                                                                                    √ Those same magnet's allow the keyboard to be removed instantly when you want to, but keep it sufficiently connected to the case otherwise.

                                                                                    √ Nice Function keys, on the Function Keys, to do common things like: Back, Home, Email, Copy, Paste, Cut, Volume Down, Volume UP, Play/Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward.

                                                                                    √ Ctrl Key

                                                                                    √ Alt Key

                                                                                    √ Many normal PC hot-key combinations work, like CTRL-C (copy), CTRL-X (cut), and CTRL-V (paste).

                                                                                    √ Shift-Left-Arrow and Shift-Right-Arrow will (usually) select text that can (usually) be copied, pasted, or cut. (Usually).

                                                                                    √ Home, End, and Delete keys!

                                                                                    √ Ctrl-Home, and Ctrl-End keys work (mostly).

                                                                                    √ Interesting "Contextual Search" key brings up particular search form, depending on what you're doing.

                                                                                    √ Page UP and Page DOWN keys via Fn-Up and Fn-Down.

                                                                                    √ Normal placement of symbols on the shifted-number keys.

                                                                                    √ The long-touch Copy, Cut, and Paste options are (usually) interchangable with the Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, and Ctrl-V hot-key combinations.

                                                                                    √ CTRL-Left and CTRL-Right will send the curser the the start of the Previous, and Next words.

                                                                                    √ CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT will select all text between the curser and the start of the current, or previous word.

                                                                                    √ CTRL-SHIFT-RIGHT does the same thing, to the right.

                                                                                    √ CTRL-SHIFT-UP/DOWN selects a page of text as would be expected.

                                                                                    √ ALT-TAB will switch through the active applications, just like on Windows.

                                                                                    √ USUALLY.



                                                                                    0 No way to tell what the status of the battery is.

                                                                                    0 No light or app to say, "Fully Charged!", you have to guess.

                                                                                    0 No light or app to say, "Charge me now!", the keyboard just starts acting weird(er).

                                                                                    0 Keyboard will bend on uneven surface, causing it to miss keysstrokes.

                                                                                    0 Keyboard requires firm keypresses that travels all the way to the bottom of the keyboard, or it will miss keystrokes.

                                                                                    0 Keyboard, or maybe the Tablet, requires the user to type rather slowly, or it will miss keystrokes.

                                                                                    0 If the tablet is lagging, keystrokes WILL be missed.

                                                                                    0 Square Mystery Key on top row that does nothing, as far as I can tell.

                                                                                    0 The Up Arrow and the Right Shift Key need to be swapped. The Arrow Key needs to be the one furthest to the right, as the Right Shift key is only half-size, causing me to hit "UP" when I mean "Shift". Very annoying.

                                                                                    0 The PC compatible "Hot Keys" DO NOT ALWAYS WORK!

                                                                                    0 Too many times I have found that the Long-Press Copy, Cut and Paste functions do NOT work with the Hot-Key Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, and Ctrl-V, basically leaving you with EITHER two copy/paste buffers, OR one way that works, and the other way that doesn't work. Usually it's the keyboard that get's the short end of THAT stick.

                                                                                    0 The Case Magnet / Snap fastener emerges from the FRONT Cover, and snaps into a fitting on the BACK Cover. Normally, a fastener is swen into the BACK Cover, and then fastens onto the FRONT cover. Meaning that I often open it backwards to the way I'd intended.

                                                                                    0 ALT-F4 "Quit" Hotkey does NOT work.


                                                                                    So far, that's 24 positive and 13 negitive, so it's still a really nice keyboard and case.



                                                                                    P.S. Has anyone discovered a way to tell how full or empty the battery is, other than when the keyboard starts taking a keystroke and running with itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?

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                                                                                      I recently purchased from Amazon a Poetic 9 inch Bluetooth keyboard and case for my nook HD for only $34.95. It has an auto wake sleep function and a 3 year warranty. I read other recommendations here on the blog and I am extremely satisfied with the product. The key board is only an inch and one half smaller then my lap top keyboard. I plugged in the keyboard to charge. Turn-on the Bluetooth on my Nook. Hit the connect button and typed in a password and was connected. I would highly recommend to someone who is looking for keyboard function. It could not have been simpler and I saved quite a few bucks from those I researched from here on the blog. 

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                                                                                        Well, what do you know! The 2.2.0 update fixes whatever was preventing my HD+ from working with Logitech K810 keyboard. The "enter PIN code" box popped up immediately when I tried (for about the 50th time) to pair the two devices, I entered the PIN, and the keyboard is working well.


                                                                                        I didn't see this in the update description, but decided to give it a try anyway (I'm stubborn that way), and am really happy I did.

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