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        I have the same problem. My Sharkk BT keyboard pairs just fine but the HD+ does not respond to key strokes.

        The same keyboard works fine with my Andoid Samsung Note and Mac Mini, so this is definitely a problem with the nook hd+.
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          I purchased a ZAGG keyboard from Target and it paired immediately. No issues what-so-ever. I stopped into a Barnes and Noble store and no one seemed to know what keyboards were good for the nook - this seems like a fairly common question to me - I think the nook needs to get up to speed with all the other tablets. It's too bad. I love my nook and won't change for a while since I just got it as a gift recently, but I think when I'm in the market for another tablet, I'll go somewhere else.
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            Just wanted to share my experience with finding a wirless keyboard for my Nook HD+


            Based on Consumer Reports' tests and test driving other tablets, I purchased a Nook HD+ last month (March 2013), and after reading community advice and our company's IT tech's advice, went to BestBuy to test Logitech & Zagg.  Logitech didn't pair and Zagg wasn't available. 

            Drove straight to Target and asked them to help me pair keyboards - they opened Belkin's "Universal Wireless Keyboard with iPad shortcut keys" and turned it on.  It paired immediately and I was able to type on the keyboard and it showed up immediately on the tablet.  Since it was light and more compact than the Zagg, I bought it!  :smileyhappy:

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               So instead of checking here first I bought a Verbatim Ultraslim keyboard .  In the instructions it states you have to set the keyboard to U.S. International, which is not a choice on the nook.  Back to Staples with mine too.  It pairs fine.

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                So went back to staples and did an even exchange for an Adesso and it worked as soon as it paired and it paired immediatly
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                  I just bought that keyboard for my nook hd+ it is made by Poetic and it works great!!  I am glad I got it the price is really good to 35.00.  The only thing I need to get use to the space bar, it is a little on the stiff side but it is well worth it.

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                    ACKKK! (Sorry for shouting)  Trying to pair with my Nook HD+


                    Purchased a Targus keyboard.  Paired no problem after displaying pin code correctly.  But hated it because Targus put the Delete key where Backspace _should_ be, and then put Backspace out of reach for a touch typist at far upper right corner.  


                    Purchased two Logitech Tablet keyboards.  Son paired Logitech keyboard with Nexus 7 in seconds.  Nook HD+ has shown various "can't pair" or "wrong pin/passkey" if I guess 0000, 1111, or 1234.  Keyboard tests successful when paired with Nexus 7.


                    Keyboard does not have a codeless pairing mode, apparently (or I can't find it on Logitech site.)  And Nook HD+ doesn't give any clue about why it's not displaying the PIN so I can enter it correctly.  Hope someone can identify a solid fix.  I love the feel of the keyboard, but if it doesn't work, it's going back.

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                      BarbaraC, did you have the Nook in landscape or portrait mode when you were trying to pair the keyboard?    Sometimes things may not be visible because they are off the screen.

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                        I had the same issues as most, then using the advice above, I went to Staples, bought the ADESSO Compagno 2 keyboard, and it not only synced right up, it types beautifully. Box says IPAD 3rd Generation, and the back says it's Android 3.0 and above.


                        Bottom Line, some keyboards work others don't..DO NOT GIVE UP, there ARE keyboards that function with the Nook HD+.


                        (by the way, I also had them try the TARGUS keyboard above, but turned it down on size and lack of sleeve or cover....the  ADESSO came with a keyboard/Standup leather folio).

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                          Solved this same problem by turning Logitech keyboard over, pressing "connect" button.  (Found solution at Logitech help blog).  

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                            Press "control" button under keyboard!
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                              Had the same problem. At least I realized I was not crazy when I read everyone's comments. I returned the Logitech keyboard and went to Target, where I purchased a General Electric universal keyboard for half the price. Tried it out in the car right away, and it paired. 

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                                Suby88, would you mind sharing the model number of the GE keyboard? I can't find any wireless GE keyboard on Target's website. And what was the price?  Thanks in advance.


                                EDIT: Never mind. I found it. Thanks for the heads up that that model works.

                                • 43. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that work with Nook HD

                                  I can vouch after using both that Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse and Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard both work BEAUTIFULLY with my Nook HD running 2.1.0.

                                  Vey little lag, feels great to work with, easy set up and just overall good experience. Highly recommend them for the Nook HD.


                                  Stay away from Logitech.


                                  And as a few posters mentioned, do tuen the keyboard to codelesss pairing before attempting to use it.

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                                    I'm using the Targus AKB33US keyboard. Had no problems pairing it with the HD+. It's a good keyboard for those of us with big hands. It has full size keys, but is only about 2" wider than the HD+.
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