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    Shop errors on Nook Color

      Just unwrapped my NC and when browsing through the newstand, whenever I click the "MORE" button on the bottom of the screen, I get "A Problem Occurred.  Sorry, a problem has occurred - please try again.  If you continue to receive this error, please visit www.nookcolor.com/support" for help.


      Not a good first user experience B&N !!

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          I'm having the same problem. The message should provide more detail. This is useless. I thought it was something I could fix by updating to 1.0.1, but tried that and no luck. Please advise if this is a problem with the device or the store. Thanks.

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              Not that this makes the problem any better, but I would assume that the website is a bit overloaded TODAY as quite a few people are opening them up and registering at the same time.  More so than any other day anyways.


              Once again, not a solution just friendly reminder to maybe help make sense of it.

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              While I have not tried browsing the BN website on my nook color (prefer to do that on my PC).  This could possibly be the result of everyone trying to access the nook newsstand at the same time, etc.  


              "Patient is a virtue" especially on this Christmas Day.


              I have noticed even the website accessed through my PC is pretty slow so far today.



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                This problem happended to me last night at around 11pm when I was looking through magazine selections on my NC.  Has anyone found a reason besides 'traffic' for this issue?