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    Reset factory install

      My nook was frozen at the turning nook on page.  I removed the battery because it would not turn off.  When I finally got the unit to move past that turning on page it for some reason reset it to the factory original settings.  I had reregister and download the 1.3 update and install again and all my screensavers and wallpapers are gone. 


      Has this happened to anyone else?  I've reloaded most everything but just trying to find out if this is a normal thing that will occur again, or, did I do something wrong? 


      Does anyone have any idea?

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          Please verify you have the latest update.  This can be done by going to Settings from the  Home menu and check to see that your Software version is 1.3.0


          Your Admin.,


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              I actually had the update already installed and was using it for about a week before this factory reinstall occured.  Everything on the unit was deleted.  It was like a brand new unit.  I had to reload the update and it appears to be working fine how... I'm just hopeing it doesn't happen again as it took me a lot of time to reload everything.


              Is there something I did that cause this to happen?

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                Mine did this recently too, about a week after the 1.3 update.  :smileysad:  I plugged mine in to the wall to charge, the screen flickered several times, and then rebooted at least 3x.  That's when I noticed all content was erased from my Nook, and the software had gone back to 1.2 (or whatever it shipped with).  I had to sideload all my books, resync with the server, download the new software, etc.  But, registering my Nook took several times.  It kept telling me to register, even though it previously said registration was successful.  Quite odd, and frustrating.


                It hasn't happened since, but now my bookmarks never take.  I have to rely on stopping at a specific chapter, and then manually going back to that chapter when I pick up my Nook again.  And several books I have downloaded refuse to open in My Library.  I eventually had to sideload those into My Documents.


                Sorry this happened to you, let's hope it was a 1x thing.  If not, I'm not going through that again...it took hours to fix.