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    Attention Aministration: Sales Tab & other Issues

      Dear Pubit! Admin.,


      I've been receiving payments for my Pubit! sales (I now have 40 live titles) and for the first time since publishing with you, beginning Oct. 1, 2010, I did not receive my May payment. I did however receive the secondary payment for additional sales that were tracked down, which was slightly smaller than the one due for May. I didn't receive a "payday" email this time either.

      I emailed Pubit! regarding this and hopefully, it will not take 6 weeks for a reply as did my previous inquiry with them. I’m not implying that the previous email was delayed purposefully.


      My threads have been positive, in regard to we-publishers being patient, while the Pubit! division works out the kinks in the system however, some publishers have already posted from frustration, stated a bit strongly at times.


      I inadvertently ran across some negative press outside of this forum, regarding the publishing platform as well, during a search on Google. I’m being completely honest when I say that I personally would not resort to negative press and I would rather step away from the publishing than to do such a thing but some of the posts at this forum have demonstrated true frustration as well.


      While I continue to believe that these problems are inadvertent, at the same time, I feel fixing them should be high-priority at this point and after this many months. The additional payment that was issued to me (received), along with May payment (yet to arrive), was for unit sales that were delayed in reaching My Sales Tab, this same issue occurred when the February payments were released (for Dec & Jan) and I received a secondary payment at that time as well, in-fact my largest payment to-date, that were sales tracked down after-the-fact (following the months they were supposed to be accruing).


      Pubit!’s paying of these sales that were behind, I felt demonstrated honesty and a desire to resolve issues because I could not have known that commissions on this many unit sales were due me. This is why I have been encouraging fellow publishers to be patient and to remain positive. While I certainly still hold to this position, I also feel that some of these issues should not be occurring at this point, that require publishers to frequently contact the admin. for resolution and to repeatedly post in regard to them, on this forum or elsewhere.


      Please take this post in the spirit of concern that it was meant. I very much wish to see this publishing opportunity continue to be a growing success and mutual benefit for Pubit! and participating publishers and with many positive reviews!  

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          I'm not owed a lot of money, but it is disheartening to me that I've yet to receive a dime. I get one e-mail saying my banking info was incorrect, it is not. No one seems to know anything or know who I can talk to or write to and rectify this. I'm a simple indie publisher that wants to be paid, thats all. Why is this such a problem?



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            Complete, well put and concise.


            Thanks for getting the thread back on point and my apologies for taking my frustration over the top.





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              Your frustration is a natural response and it would be very strange for the Pubit! admin to not recognize that. My suspicion is that your communications are not reaching the right people and you'll have to simply keep trying. I wish I had better advice than that but that's the only option you have.


              I have emailed them regarding my May payment not arriving, even with my payment for back-sales having arrived a week ago. I will certainly give them ample time to respond to the issue however, if the payment is delayed long enough, so that a succeeding month's payment is issued before the late one, I will be taking my 40 titles off-sale. It's really a simply answer -- I cannot give a seller access to my titles and not be paid for sales accomplished through them. In all honesty, this is exactly what they should expect me to do however, I don't feel it will come to that and their having a month to respond (hopefully sooner), is more than ample time. I'm confident, they will correct the issue. I also do not believe the issue to be purposeful.


              If Pubit! were to respond in saying to me "if you do not like the way we conduct our business, we are not interested in doing business with you", this would be extremely unusual, in light of the fact that the issue I'm reporting is as legitimate as one can be. No, I honestly believe that if my inquiry reaches the right people, they will resolve it in a timely fashion. 


              A couple of years ago, I removed literally a 1,000 articles from content websites (adsense revenue sharing ones) that were involved in unethical business practices (not the case at Pubit!). I was receiving monthly adsense residuals from one of them but it came to a point that their practices worsened to the degree that I could no longer allow my content to be displayed on them (former staff at some of the sites confirmed these practices). I only mention this to point-out that I do not side with online commerce that is conducting underhanded practices and the reason I have remained steasfast with Pubit!, is due to my belief that the issues we are experiencing are due to the newness of the publishing platform and also possibly due to some departments not having adequacy in communications at this point. This could still improve a great deal with time and it is in their vital interests that it happens soon.




              Thanks for the comment on my starting-post. I'm sure your apology is appreciated by the Pubit! admin as well. I will add that one purpose for this forum is surely also for discussion regarding issues/problems and if Pubit! admin monitors the posts here (if they didn't, it would be a first in the history of business forums), this would actually help them to recognize issues that need resolution, especially those that are ongoing. Previous posts have expressed concern regarding the silence from admin/moderation on this forum, with posts by them seemingly only being in regard to site updates and promotions for Pubit!. I have to agree that little has been offered to those publishers expressing great frustration over legitimate, ongoing issues. At the same time, we are expected to email them, giving our account info, for proper tracking of problems within specfic accounts and so, here again, I can understand both sides of reasoning regarding this.


              Another complaint is lack of email response but I wonder if there are publishers emailing regarding every little issue or repeatedly, before previous emails have had time for response. If this causes emails to add into the 1,000s, this would be overwhelming for their communications people. Here again, there is reasoning on both sides.


              The bottom line for me is that I simply wish to see success on both sides for this publishing platform. It can be so very good, for such a very long time, is resolution can simply begin to take place and to stick. I sincerely want to see this, as I know all of you do -- the Pubit! admin, most of all.


              Here's to hoping and praying for this very outcome!!