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    Welcome to PubIt!

      Welcome to the PubIt! community board! 


      Feel free to post questions that you would like the PubIt! users to help you answer.  Visit often to see what other PubIt! ebook sellers are chatting about and to learn about updates and changes to the service.


      We look forward to your questions and comments and we welcome all constructive feedback to help us continually refine the PubIt! portal.


      We hope you enjoy selling your eBooks through PubIt! by Barnes & Noble.


      The PubIt! Team at Barnes & Noble

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          I've been looking for the invite since August, but have not received one.  Also, would you provide details about the process of obtaining an ISBN for each book submitted to PubIt? Are the writers responsible for this, or does B&N take care of this important issue? Thanks.

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            My three books are here in B&N eBooks via Smashwords. Do I need to change anything?


            Also, if I choose to change pricing on the books (two are free downloads) do I do it through Smashwords or through Pubit!?  And are there marketing campaigns through Pubit! I can join?


            Let me know.


            Neil Crabtree

            Author of Believable Lies

            The Dead Mayberrys And Other Stories

            The Big Kaboom

            • files to upload

              You specify that one can upload an html file. But what if the file has images? Do you also accept a zip file containing the html document and the relevant images?

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                     Thank you for the welcome, Parilee.  However, I am confused as to why there is a delay in completing my Pubit publishing application. It only accepted (saved) part of my info and suggested I return later to re-enter bank and credit card data. Just wondering if this needs to be entered during regular business hours in order to be accepted.

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                    Hi Fiona_Cashel,


                    I believe you may have mistakenly clicked "save and logout" on the Payment Info screen instead of submit. Please click submit to complete your application.


                    Thank you,


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                        Thank you. I will try that.

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                            So far, PubIt! is working reasonably well, but I'm having trouble with the reviews.


                            First of all, I'm disappointed that first and last names are required categories for reviews. When you get a review via a trade publication (Kirkus, VOYA, etc.), the name isn't terribly important, and often isn't included at all.


                            Second, a category is included for publication for said reviews, but the publication information seems not to be present once the eBook goes live.


                            Are these kinks being worked out?


                            -Harrison Demchick

                            Bancroft Press

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                        I've wasted too much time. I made a serious error with the original file (which I realized -- naturally -- after it had been converted) and wanted to fix it. I know HTML, but the epub file could not be fixed with any of the software programs I know, not even Dreamweaver, the premier HTML editor. Not only that, but I could not fix the original .doc file and save it under the original file name because somehow epub had put made it r/o, or otherwise screwed up the permissions. On my hard drive, yet! I saved it under another .doc filename, but if I upload that, it won't overwrite the first file. Nor could I see any way to delete the first file and start over.


                        Then I downloaded the ePUB software, only to find that I had a .war file that cannot be opened with any program on my hard drive. Not even Firefox.


                        This system is nuts. Kindle does it better.