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    Page Breaks not supported?

      Hello, all. I'm publishing my first book with pubit. I don't yet know how to convert my own .doc files to epub, and was hoping that the pubit conversion would do the trick when I uploaded. Everything looks good, except that there are no page breaks between the end of the chapters and the next chapter headings. Can I fix this by doing something different in Microsoft Word (I already have page breaks in place), and if not, how do I edit epub documents? The pubit help files I feel are neither exhaustive nor all that helpful.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Perhaps this thread, a few lines farther down the page, will help: http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/PubIt-Help-Board/Page-Breaks-in-doc-files/td-p/875382/


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            You need to use section breaks that break to the next page, not page breaks.


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              I have been using Calibre to convert my Word files to ePub and Kindle formats. Calibre is free on the internet. Google it to find it and watch the tutorial; then read the user manual. I've placed 5 books on Amazon and 2 so far on Pubit. The method I use is in Word is this.


              - I eliminated all section breaks.

              - Page breaks between chapters are H1 style. Calibre by default will cause breaks on H1 and H2.

              - My chapter headings are H2. In Calibre I specify that H2 tags will go into the TOC.

              - Be careful not to have any blank lines between the page break and the chapter headings. You can show all tabs, breaks, etc in your document by clicking on the thing on your toolbar that looks like a musical symbol of some kind (when you hover over it, it will say show/hide).

              - After you get your file the way you want it, save it in Word and then save it as HTML.

              - Add the HTML file to Calibre and convert it to ePub per the instructions in the user manual.

              - Preview the ePub document in Calibre by opening it. It will open it in Adobe Digital Editions, and you check out paginations, chapter breaks, etc.


              My books on Amazon:

              -City Different

              -Nina's Time

              -A Private War

              -The Irishman&Other Stories

              -The Buddhist


              So far I've added the first two to Pubit, and I'll be adding the others soon. The only issue I have is that they remove the paragraph indents, which can make it harder to read. When I preview it on my computer in Adobe Digital Editions, which is the official reader for ePub books, the indents are there. But I downloaded a sample of City DIfferent, and they were not. I haven't been able to find how to directly contact Pubit support, either thur email or phone, to find out about that. If anybody knows how to do that, please Reply.



              Stephen Hazlett - Albuquerque, NM