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    I Was Wrong About MIUI

      A week ago, I posted that I had changed from CM7 to MIUI.  I talked about how much better it was, primarily because it gave the ability to have big, bold icons, whereas everything is so tiny in CM7.


      But several things happened over the past several things.  Most importantly, I kept having unrecoverable crashes that forced me to re-flash the MIUI and start all over again.  I kept saying that it must just be something I'm doing wrong....but after 4 different instances (and nothing similar ever happening on CM7) I have to conclude that MIUI is still far too unstable for regular use on the Nook Color.


      Add to that the fact that Roustabout told me a simple way to get the same big icons in CM7 (just change screen density to 240 using the free app LCD RESOLUTION) and CM7 clearly is the best ROM for the NC.  Oh, plus, I hadn't realized it before, but everything just goes so much faster on CM7......and then there's the back arrow built into the bottom toolbar that I always preferred.  Anyway, I just wanted to warn anyone who might be swayed by my previous praise of MIUI....to proceed with caution.