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    I found a public library for ebooks! YEAH!

      I live in a rural area in Tx, that has no library of it's own, in fact....we don't have a grocer either. Since I'm not a "townie" either, I'm REALLY out there in the sticks..I've always had to get a nonresident library card from a next local town, which is fine because that's where the grocery is too. I was also able to get one from Austin. I don't use the Austin library often as Taylor Public Library is an EXCELLENT library and has done very well at meeting my needs until now. Neither Austin nor Taylor have it in their budgets yet to be able to loan digital content. sigh....


      I love my nook, but I miss the ability to borrow books. Yes, I could still go get a physical book, but I have to say that it's nice to not have to schedule trips to town to get a new read. I've read about 30 free books since my nook arrived, and have purchased about 1 dozen.


      I have searched and searched for a public library that would issue me a non-resident card and was getting very frustrated. All of them seemed to require my physical presence to get a card and that just hasn't been possible. Each Library I found was at LEAST a 3 hour drive one way, then the yearly fees seem to range from $100 a year to even twice that. YIKES!!


      I just kept looking and looking and found the Denton Public LIbrary this week. A non-resident card is $50.00 a year but again, their website stated they needed me to show up with my id, etc. I looked through what they had available to download and I quickly came to the conclusion that $50 a year would be a bargain. I would definitely be downloading a lot more current and bestselling books to read than I could purchase for that price.


      I wrote to the library and asked them if they had provisions for non-residents who would ONLY be downloading ebooks. I offered to fax any information they would need, etc. I am so overjoyed that they responded already, stating they would be happy to work with me if I was willing to pay the yearly fee! They'll be sending me the application and I'll be able to fax it back and call in or mail my payment.


      I am so happy!


      If you find a library that you would like to use, but meeting the physical requirments to get a card is very difficult or impossible, contact the library and explain what you are wanting and how you would use their library. I have found that most librarians are often willing to work with those who love to read. I think too that the additional fees that they would collect through working with non-residents would help them expand their programs.


      Good luck!


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