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    Screen Flicker

      Read several posts about this issue when screen brightness is set betweeen 40-60%


      I bought a Nook color myself and have the same issue


      I happen to work with LCD screens and normally this is either a problem with the driver board for the backlights, noise issues with the video card or firmware upgrade problem with the video  processor. Upgrading to version 1.0.1 did not solve the issue either.


      Either case, return the item and request testing it in the store.


      I've also experienced problems with the volume buttons. The "-" button lowers the volume just fine. The "+" button, when pressed, lowers the volume as well. If pressed harder (on the "+" button) the volume increases as it should. This is a mechanical problem with the two switches and it's also a good reason for returning your reader for replacement.


      My 2C for those experiencing identical issues...

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          Thanks for the info on the screen flicker issues. I agree it's most definitely NOT normal.


          The Nook Color I returned had this problem to a very slight degree, but it wasn't until after I got my replacement that I realized it shouldn't have been doing it at all (my reason for return was due to something unrelated to the screen).

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            I observed flickering with the device plugged in and detached from power. It was very easy for me to reproduce it - pretty much every screen was flickering, with the exception of a bright screen with light colors. Night mode and dark grays were the worst.

            I went to a brick & mortar B&N (the first device was from the website), exchanged the NC and the new device had the exact same problem.


            I didn't really have time to keep swapping devices until I found one without a defect, so I returned it for a full refund.

            B&N should take particular note of this issue. It is obviously not isolated.


            For now, I'm going to hold out to see if B&N acknowledges and addresses this matter.